Haikus from Japan, as of now in India;

haiku (amai jya nai; not very sweet though)

ocha no hitotsu
toshi mae ya

A hot
cup of tea
From years before


haiku (amai jya nai, not sweet though)

ocha ii
hen no nioi de
toshi mae ya

The right tea
A strange smell
Must be from years before


haiku (suzushi no hanashi; the enticing talks)

ame yuki to
suzushi no hanashi
toshi mae ya

The freezing rain
enticing talks
From Years before


haiku (takusan no yume; a lot of dreams)

go hitotsu no
yume takusan no
toshi mae ya

One language
Dreams so many
From years before


haiku (himitsu no kan; secret wishes)

hen no ka
himitsu kan no ka
toshi mae ya

Secret wishes?
From years before


haiku (dai butsu no; A great Budha)

dai butsu no
mou hitotsu no ya
toshi mae ya

A great Buddha
Yet another
From years before


haiku (ningen no; the people stuff)

ningen no
kokoro no kan
kuchi hige ya

the people
their aspirations
just like mustache


haiku (saigo no, haiku tame ni; the last tea)
はいく ため
さいご の みつの
じぶん ので

haiku tame
saigo no mitsu no
jibun node

For a haiku
The last and 3rd
Just me.

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