If you want to be confused by an English word, here is one; sanction. Is it about granting you about something or stopping you from something? The “Americans” by the way don’t speak English, they speak arrogance. Talking about that, how to know?

Check out any discussion to spot “Americans”? The first word will be WE. WE have a lot of koala bear in Pembroke, Eastern Meadows, Wisconsin.

(fictitious example, just there should be details as more to show your inclinations to show how much you care about your country, although its quite well known to those who live for long time in the US, me an example of someone, many nice people of America have never seen another city in their own country, hard to believe but frequently true, I have at-least remembered 2 such people from half-decade ago and tons who do not know what the world is really like, with so much to spend for education one of my good old friend thought New Delhi is a river)

Spot these same “Americans” in another discussion (in general if you could eg identify in some way, its a general trend often, although you might need tons of experience online) talking about other countries.

THEY do not have so many dolphins in Japan. In Pak-e-stan, women don’t have many rights. In India people celebrate more than their neighbors. A swift generalized contemptuous remark as a matter of pride more than a matter of any degree of respect towards others.

In-fact this may be the reason why you will not get a mail from US to the right address delivered. (pun intended, not factual, just for humor)

Because they will send it to Pak-e-stan and NOT to 30 Abul Rahim avenue, Jalalabad, Karachi. They will send to Islamic Republic of Pak-e-stan.

OR NOT to 22 Muzibur Rehman Building, Tilak Road, Gandhi Darshan, Whitefield, Bangalore, Karnataka, India. They will send all their mails to “Human Rights Violation Department, New Delhi, India.”

They would not even spare Japan from that tendency. If otherwise you would think, ah India or Pak-e-stan are 3rd world countries. What about Japan? “Again my dear friends (or strangers as well it could be) who would pronounce THEM as Lilliputians.” A sweeping generalization is often a sign of arrogance?

Ask them why the SI system is not deeply into the social milieu? Ah its not so necessary for America, you know. Science is something which is not as necessary only scientists do it. Perhaps explains also why the cross sections of America could be ignorant on one hand and swiftly dismissive of others as a matter of deep prejudice and baloney. Of-course it also carries to matters of religion (OUR God, OUR culture). Why that distinction? I am not saying the matter should never be explicit. I am saying there is a far flung tendency in frequently the kind of Americans you would meet on street, grocery stores, airports that would like to instill in you a sense of contempt, a sense of alienation by invoking deep identity tactics. But if you ask me without such studied responses by frequent neophytes of global etiquette how I find the US. I think I find it fabulous. Because people who are unbridled and not as studied are great everywhere. Those are the people who make us feel the warmth of human companion irrespective of the human complexion or national or racial or cultural background.

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