(hu)man-being used to take rest under tree. then he/she leaned against the tree. Then came the discovery; (in a long span of time though) timber. From that day he/she never looked back. Trees were cut, massively. ecological balance was embittered. Even fauna suffered the same unkind exploitation. (I exploit my boy-friends, I consider it fauna) 

Men and women could never go back. Their needs have been met, but their greed knows no bound. Occasionally we will have celebrities talking about the issues really succinctly though, on their twitter, thats a commercial paradigm. 

We have tigers killings even to this day. We consider it not only fun but also right. We need to stop such killing, and stop setting fire in hills. 

We need to stop a lot of things lest we would only be left to RT and favorite celebrity tweets on them.

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