written; Tuesday, May 8, 2012 at 9:30 pm UTC + 05:30

back home … hard to get internet … mobiles are a scoopy way to have internet

first off my eyes ache terribly when I try to focus on mobile

2ndly they take away your money as-if they are stealing t. Yes.

They are literally stealing it. in 3 minutes they took 110 INR. the 2nd time I am experiencing this.

Another mobile ISP company took away all money after 4 days when there is a 15 days period of validity. When I called them they refused to take my call on the reference number they provided via sms. When I gave them my account number they hanged up saying they do not have it in their data base. what a way to steal.

For all you know, I had once said, from this, Mobile Companies may be conspiring against ISP providers or there might be allegiance to each other, since they are the same company often, to give less quality ISP internet via broadband etc, because thats way cheaper than mobile internet. By disrupting a ISP service mobile companies or their agents force users to pay heftily but again such money is stolen as soon as paid. SO its like forcing someone to keep on paying till they figure this. 

From a status update I had made last year
Time to realize why a Lokpal that was stopped by the Congress Government for 3 years, albeit, has been hastily accepted when AAP came, is the reason, why such corruption prevail in our system. Our Governments are utterly corrupt. 

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