Monday, January 3, 2011 at 12:10 am UTC + 05:30

Yesterday I arrived in Delhi, received happy new year call from someone who is in Delhi but doesn’t yet know I am in Delhi, life is full of coincidences like this, Delhi Airport has come of age, wow, had some cofee and croisant (Indian style Raga muffin style) Chandigarh airport is small small, city is flabbergasting, now in Ludhiana, visited Jalandhar today, quite cold, (much like japan) Planning Amritsar and Manali.

Latest news; Amritsar and Manali didn’t work out. On 2nd thoughts blanket caught fire. LOL. And the time when I saw “Nobody killed Jessica” and how Indian nationalism has taken a notch up, than someone from 1985 would have even imagined. Americanized movie style, order of the day, with so many different kind of change. When you get money, always paint your arrogance as good, read with this news about how big corporate giants use such ploy to keep us impoverished, 9 Billion Dollars can be saved for personal greed, plus, you will be known as generous statesmen visionary, and great philanthropists as much lower cost. Commerce and nuclear arsenal, which is more lethal?

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