A little above 3 years ago I was walking in Ludhiana, the car that honked and sped up toward me, it concerned me, so back then I noted it down. It was posted to face-book. [Now I am not roaming there so much, don’t want hyper responses] Recently I posted this to this website. Here it is, if you want to read. [Article; Pedestrian safety in Ludhiana]

Just this morning I was getting off from my auto, while coming to work (like I have any !), and trying to cross a zebra-walk.

If its a zebra-walk, it tells the vehicle drivers, that there is a zebra crossing the street so they shall stop, slow down, yield the avatar of Vishnu. [Vishnu=sun-theory=the great vitality=zebra]

Humor doesn’t always work. Which is why there should be governance.

The pedestrians in Indian Metros are even worse than Zebra, it seems.

Just 3 meters of zebra and a quick man like me, needed 15 minutes, literally, to cross over.

Why? because the great circle has traffic coming continuously from 4 directions, simultaneously, and there are no stop signs. They move at very high speed especially at the crossings and intersections, because they have a privilege. Some folks rapidly and madly crossed over taking immense risk, so now they have a privilege. I tried to apply some tricks, break the destination into two parts, like I learned in high school. That didn’t work out. Since each part had traffic in 2 different merging (at an angle) directions.  So I changed the segment, which was to be crossed only barely for 3 meters each (2 segments). 1st segment took me literally 10 minutes to cross over. Can the traffic which is coming, visibly from 300 meters afar, be stopped twice or thrice in between so that they develop a habit of yielding toward other folks that are not as privileged? I mean all your life you don’t live on a motor bike or a motor car or an airplane. Sometimes you are also a “pedestrians”, if such selfish inspiration works.

We do not stop and.or think. More power to the common man please.

The 2nd segment was easy, 3rd segment was a bit difficult but the traffic stopped (still it was difficult, because the vehicles just didn’t want to apply brakes, hello, if you don’t practice that you lose control? No, but still we need to respect the pedestrian safety, that makes the whole driving experience safer)

Did I swear a bit? Yea, bullshit and this that.

Then I saw the old lady from my work place who got off her car. She was merry today. While on swearing it reminded me, the other day some young folks were swearing at her “Bitch”. She * got very upset when I saw her in office.

Whats this? You are so fond of swearing, go learn some hip-hop and perform on TV. Don’t insinuate others?

* (We sit in different office buildings). We chit chat while walking and thought I must tell this experience. Just in Case Govt has time to read us pedestrians it might swell its psyche. But still, it should not be pressurized? There are other priorities of the country, you know.

Okay enough. I wanted to write as soon as I came to office.

But there were other stuff.

So here it is.

I must get back o work.

(why you want the name of city where I work? Its nice, just somethings better be taken care of sooner than not)

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