Quora has this; \sqrt 2 + \sqrt 3 ~= \pi.

I see some good use. \sqrt D + \sqrt D+r ~= A
[D; diameter, r; radius, A; area]

Is this a new relation?

and this another; 2\sqrt (D.r) + D \sqrt 3 = C

OR even; D (\sqrt 2 + \sqrt 3) = C. well thats trivial.
where C is circumference.

What If D, D+r are simultaneously perfect-square or Dr is perfect-square.

But this trivial statement (D (\sqrt 2 + \sqrt 3) = C. well thats trivial) can be re-written into some sort of theorem.

The circle can always be divided into two parts where one part is 41% more stretched than the diameter and the remaining arc is 73% more stretched than the diameter.

and the semicircle is always 11/7 times bigger than the diameter. [so its each part is 57% more stretched than the diameter]

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