Perihelionic Winters !

A season is a day’s variation effected by the sun towards earth. Just that we need too many consecutive days to see whats the actual variation. Winter is not caused eg by farthest distance from sun, but winter is occurring (in our centuries) at exactly opposite, winter occurs on earth in this CE when Sun and earth distance is minimum. (perihelion) (and summer when sun is farthest away from earth, aphelion, in this CE)

Winter and Summer are occurring counter intuitively due to variation in a day long configuration of earth and sun. A few million kms distance change from sun isn’t causing the season, but how exactly we are tilted even at the shortest distance from sun can cause winter. And this stands to change over 26000 years, twice, so winter will sometimes occur due to how we are tilted to the sun, even if we will be farthest away from it, but we won’t be there to experience it.

We (the guys living in this CE, its immediate past and future) are experiencing what we may call as perihelionic-winters. The winters that occur when sun and earth are as close to each other as they can get. All winters in last many and coming many CE will be like this, when earth is closest to sun.

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