Saw the movie “happy new year”. Its a double egg roll in a pizza wrap. Old theme with new styling. If you just want the roll go for this movie. Which anyway isn’t the cheapest option available, cheapest would be a kurkure or “5 Rs chips which comes exactly with 5 chips”.

If you want critically acclaimed movie, I don’t have a list, but Queen is something most Indians may not like. I liked the movie, it was a different theme, if not critically acclaimed. Who wants to live in a cocoon and see the same story told 30 years ago in a new wrap, go watch Happy Knew Year, with raunchy dialogues and all. It perfectly defines the new age Indian. An old Indian with a new hairdo. Some good action and very good dance moves, eg with Pravu Deva, was what I liked a lot. The movie did make me emotional at a few times, with punch lines, that were instant, although I don’t remember.

I loved how Mohini liked Charlie speaking English. And how she said eskush me for excuse me. I am low on battery if I named the main characters incorrectly.

If entertainment is in your mind, this movie is good. A bit delayed, like all Indian movies. I blame that on Indian traffic system. We wait for signal on the main road for 15 minutes but can’t wait for the wife making an instant tea for 2 mins. I am not suggesting wives should hold “green read yellow” signals for husbands. But we can certainly write some jokes in such times. Or rather come up with our next plan, thats definitely going to be a failure,

And here is a selfie of mine if you are not averse to you know you know while while seeing a movie.

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