A new Physics theory of life (linked)

2nd Law of thermodynamics and life connection.

The disordered systems do not exclude the formation of organizations, patterns and order in both life and inanimate matter. The 2nd law says there is a arrow of time OR; the favorable processes are the ones that go in the direction of increase of disorder or entropy. But there is a tiny favor that allows self replication or pattern formation etc as long as the dissipation of unwanted energy is possible to the external surrounding. By being in equilibrium with the external systems such as ocean or favorable heat reservoirs the matter or life-elements can replicate and order themselves and dissipate unfavorable energy. Hence life is possible and 2nd law does not eradicate the possibilities of life as long as such self replications are possible.

Given large amount of time the possibilities materialize .. so who knows monsters can form themselves in volcanoes given enough deal of time for them to come with their favorable self generation.

The arrow of time also explains why life is a slow process. Because the likelihood of such self organization to drive away disorder is really small. It needs billions of years, there is no God’s hands but mere natural selection and dissipation driven self organization.


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