In the heat of things I was going to forget this one guy.. Gokul Macheri.

Boy … you are a funny guy. You know that? You are dangerously funny.

I mean seriously. You never heard that phrase? One in hand other in bushes? Or take care of the home first before you delve into the Universe?

This guy has a wife who he decides to hit with a Gyanesha Idol so eventually you and me guess, there is a lot of blood rupture and the poor woman dies of something more severe than gun-shot. And innovative right? Just take a heavy object and make sure the poor lady can’t protest. How grotesque. The man? No the idol. It can kill someone right away. (Although I don’t know the details)

And then he loves this other lady from high-school. Like we all had our crushes right? I had my crush on a lady when I was about 8 years old. Oh she was so ooomph. Her name began with I. I really couldn’t stop thinkin about her. Should I be more specific? She had bob hair. She turned to our house one day and overheard my mother using some abusive word towards me, I even remember the word my mother used. It rhymes with Cobra. Yea you got it, of-course you need to know some Odia.

She went off and told the whole class of girls what word my mother told me.

I always thought “ma this is why you shouldn’t use those bad words on me, what if someone overhears the whole class of girls will get to know”.

Off the topic, but we do carry our crushes with a little lemon and salt type injury, right.

This guy just went too far ahead. He hatched a plot for re-claiming the lost territory of her high-school sweetheart. [Like nations do]

So he wanted to implicate the poor husband of the high-school mate.

Called up big rich fat fellows for some good deal of extortion money. Scare-mongered airport traffic by planting bomb stories all for the sake of getting close to his sweetheart.

Now in the hands of the police.

Some obsessions are funny in a very dangerous way.

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