Finally FB is going to have its ‘dislike’ button. Dislike as the name suggests is going to have a stamp of the fact that you just don’t like whats being said eg “I so don’t like these floods” DISLIKE ! But its going to be misunderstood as something being disliked about the person who posts these. But the ‘like’ has also been abused. More like doesn’t mean a desirable person, but rather someone incites interests based on what another group wanted to hear. eg “I so love Jesus Christ” LIKE.

FB thinks it just empathy, a more wider view of emotion from the participant. To that we need many more buttons. But in the end ‘like’ promoted reader responses, and so will ‘dislike’. There will most definitely be an oscillation of likes and dislikes because dislikes even when good will be misinterpreted and likes even when bad will be misinterpreted. Over all, its the likes+dislikes which will show how many times something has been responded to and that’s what counts for FB, and other news media. The world will remain the same.

My ma just gave me a tea and I am like “like”. She is going to pop up again and break my peace. I am like ‘dislike”. Dislike is just another way of like. Hate is just another way of love. Grow up.

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