the 3QD Science Prize 2015

[Update (12:54 AM, India time); September Equinox Science Prize at 3QD; the 3QD just announced the semi-finalists and we have topped their list, they will announce the finalists tomorrow.

PS; finalists are those 6 that they will select from the 23 they have declared, as top-20 and they might add 3 more of their choice. The best 3 of these 9 will be given awards, to be announced by 28th this month, see here, they just announced.]

Guys as you probably already noticed while voting for “Invariance: 3 myths in Physics, especially in textbooks” we are well ahead, comfortably so, to be counted as “qualified” for the semi-final round. The Public Vote just helped us see the light of the day, to be listed in the top-20 blogs from around the world, according to Public opinion.

Well, as you might know, I am only saying the obvious, buts its not yet declared by the 3 Quarks Daily team, who are going to announce this shortly, as soon as the  western hemisphere wakes up. Please note that I linked you only generally to the 3 Quarks Daily and not the actual specific team that does the selection of the science prizes.

What this means?

It means The team of 3 Quarks Daily, will now select only 6 out of these top 20. So lets hope, we still keep our joy. They will select 6, add another 3 of their discretion and after a week and half the best 3 according to the Judge’s analysis, will see the light of the day. The winners among the finalists, the top 3 blogs, according to them, therefore gets cited on the 29th of this month, India time, which is 18th September US times.

The rewards are 500$, 200$ and 100$ and citation.

Between 2009-2012, the awards were actually 1000$, 300$, 200$, Financial crunch saw one year without any awards and subsequent years are sliced down.

So lets hope for our best luck.

I am also putting here a list of the 20 that I am creating that have possibly made into semifinal, as its visible on poll site. The actual final list that the team of 3 Quarks Daily prepares are the ones that are more valid, right? YES. I am not a team member :P …

If you want to read the participating blogs I direct you again, to the 3Quarks Daily website.

But I only request my avid readers one thing, read our participating article, share, like, comment, do anything that increases the engagement level.

Hence forward we know how-to enhance our visibility in the blog-o-sphere; engage anything that you like, give a pointer to what you want to be improved upon. I am myself hugely motivated to keep on refine the articles here.

By the way Invariance (or mdashf) as you might want to call this website, is also massively involved in bringing the contents of this website to you via slide-share. We are seeing a 10K+ views on the slides the concurrent week, ending tonight. So its an uphill task to keep moving our content to better levels of clarity and attraction. I need more engagement towards what you really like.

Feedback are always invited. My email is, g6pontiac; a rented Pontiac car, I drove for several days, in the east coast USA. I kind of like the car, except it had a terrible “blind-spot”. It was 2006, I have moved on in my choice of cars and other stuff, but the email has stuck, perhaps because google has done a fabulous job.

Have a good day.

  1. Invariance: 3 myths of physics, especially in textbooks: 51.10%
  2. Nova Next: From Discovery to Dust: 7.47%
  3. Bekka S. Brodie: How Blow Flies find Corpses: 6.59%
  4. Thinking of Things: The Pain in the Brain Game: 6%
  5. Roots of Unity: The Saddest Thing I Know about the Integers: 4.69%
  6. Thinking of Things: All I Didn’t Know About Cancer: 4.10%
  7. Companion Animal Psychology: How Does a Dog’s Brain Respond to the Smell of a Familiar Human?: 3.51%
  8. 3 Quarks Daily: On Optimal Paths & Minimal Action: 2.34%
  9. Space Age Archaeology: Shadows on the Moon: an ephemeral archaeology: 2.05%
  10. 3 Quarks Daily: Fearing Artificial Intelligence: 1.90%
  11. 3 Quarks Daily: Artificially Flavored Intelligence: 1.76%
  12. Curious Wavefunction: The fundamental philosophical dilemma of chemistry: 0.88%
  13. Social Pulses: The public subsidy of scientific publishing monopolies: 0.88%
  14. Wired: When a Giant Asteroid Impact Created Its Own Magma: 0.88%
  15. Excursion Set: Destiny’s Child: 0.59%
  16. Wired: Glowing Tampons Help Detect Sewage Leaks: 0.59%
  17. Nautilus: The Sound So Loud That It Circled the Earth Four Times: 0.44%
  18. Starts With A Bang: CONFIRMED: The Last Great Prediction Of The Big Bang!: 0.44%
  19. 3 Quarks Daily: Randomness: the Ghost in the Machine?: 0.29%
  20. Empirical Zeal: How a 19th Century Math Genius Taught Us the Best Way to Hold a Pizza Slice: 0.29%
  21. Los Angeles Review of Books: Three Physicists Try Philosophy: 0.29%
  22. No Place Like Home: When Hubble Stared at Nothing for 100 Hours: 0.29%
  23. Science: Ants have group-level personalities, study shows: 0.29%
  24. The Loom: Editing Human Embryos: So This Happened: 0.29%
  25. Wait But Why: The AI Revolution: The Road to Superintelligence: 0.29%

Some are obviously tied in terms of vote %. As you see there are just too many ties and we are only 16 of top 20 voted because 0.15% is the lowest voted participant. I don’t know what are going to be done to resolve this.

They will select 6 out of this add 3 more of their choice and then declare which 3 they consider the best 3.

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