I am not doing much justice by speaking less as opposed to more, of any particular topic, that interests me. Unless you are my quintessential detractor, or rather someone who like to pose as one, in saying, no this is exactly what we want from you. Speak less. But I would speak less for various reasons.

  1. It takes energy to produce anything.
  2. I have to constantly bother about “Am I really feeding myself enough?” (Yes food wise, and not just thoughts)
  3. Am I speaking out of casual tendencies or is there something deeply sitting out there as a conviction.
  4. Have I thought enough about it to form better opinions. Yes there are better opinions and there are sloppy ones.
  5. Am I well informed, by prior involvements with whats being talked about? Have I read enough angles? Or as Einstein puts it squarely “I don’t like to give my opinions on anything especially when I do not have knowledge of the facts, precise facts. ” **
  6. Am I doing justice to my taste, my orientation, my values, my culture, or am I working like a machine to produce something. By values or culture I don’t mean dogged absenteeism from reason, or absenteeism from any questions that pertain any basic set of inquiry.

** Or rather on somewhat first hand account (if its indeed first hand) this is what he says;


But here is a topic that did interest me somewhat for me to gather some thoughts to pen them down here, it was playing in me for last few days when it came along. But as I have said above, it might not have settled me into pondering over it for as long as I would like to before setting feet to write on something as general as worldly affairs, that everyone else is talking about or rather like to.

I thus want to note here only a few things regarding the concurrent Child Arrest; the child who took his clock like device, to his school. Or rather as the  guardians of law think; a bomb. Ahmed was recently arrested and it has caused a severe storm of controversy around the world. So you and me, the average folks would definitely come to know of it. I just hadn’t checked with my mother lately, if she knows of this episode. But usually she would keep running to me and tell if there is anything interesting or being talked about a lot, comes to her attention. But since on this one she didn’t, I safely presume that she isn’t aware of it.

So lets talk about the kid, Ahmed; I agree that the kid should not be blamed. The kids are doing only what the adults surrounding them are promoting them, to do, by direct and indirect ways “steal, slander, go viral, go famous, try to hide your limitations, be innovative” and so on.

Kids really should not be pushed to become innovative, when most adults are not even average, failing themselves, to understand the basics.

There is a swarming controversy regarding this thats in air, on twitter and elsewhere, on social media, our favorite gossip place. Dawkins says “the kid is raking this up, on purpose, to garner votes of fame”. In a raging feat of online retaliations tons of folks out there, are blaming him to be seeking fame out of this himself, and even going to the touted limit of calling him an Islam-Phobe. Exactly the replica of the Islamist or Islam-philes just working in a left handed chiral frame, rather than a right handed one on which their favorite Islamist like to play on. Its another matter Dawkins words work like fatal AK56 on his critiques. So much impressive. He must have patented his oratory by now. I haven’t kept abreast. (Is that the right spelling; abreast?)

So has the evolutionary biologist gone out of his wit and become a true Islam-hater? Just because he criticizes the kid of something that the kids, of the kids age, wouldn’t even realize, they are indulged in? Is denouncing something same as hating something, no matter how we express it?  Should we arrest or even apprehend kids, who are still legally minors. What about an actual terrorist who is a juvenile? Should he be arrested?

But in general not playing the levels of risk that are only a matter of hardcore fundamentalism especially religious fundamentalism, should kids even be admonished beyond certain level, or be legally treated like suspects beyond any doubt, before the evidences are squarely positive of such.

I think Dawkin misspoke, its not Islam-phobium.

He just could not immediately recognize the fact that kids are often subjected to an immense deal of impressionist pressure, in our communities.

Its kind of true that there is a lot of Islam-phobia in the western society, especially post Sept-11 and anything can invite the ire of the Islam-Phobe bullyist, from beard, to a razor in the wrong basket.

But what I like to raise regarding this issue is what also Dawkins has correctly raised; the “celebrity mongering” by Mark Zuckerburg, Barack Obama and George Takei. These fellas would like to talk about anything thats going viral because it gives them the same degree of viral celebrity.

Why not wait for a month and see what you yourself can do to change anything about the social set up that you are so kin and prompt to criticize. We are often in haste to jump into the fray only when something is viral. We would rather lay dormant for years, not taking clue of anything unless it has come in the mass media.

It reminds me of something. Years ago it was a celebrity trend to talk about on twitter “Tiger Conservation”. If Leonardo Di Caprio is talking about it, some Bollywood celebrities must talk about it as well. These guys would do nothing for tiger conservation.

Simply when another celebrity is taking the heat for hunting and poaching, some will come up, “we mean the preservation”.

But deep inside its just trying to win some ‘celebritons’ the smallest measure of a celebrity tendency.

That part can’t be denied about the Ahmed episode, here.

But the kid should really be spared of this paranoia and melodrama. Its definitely going to affect his studies.

Also shouldn’t the kid not be arrested that way? I can not support the arrest. The cops should have done some more home work, like taking the gadget to possession, keeping a good eye on the subject, here Ahmed, may be through parental association, rather than declaring arrest.

Have I over spoken? May be time to read and think more … for a few more points.

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