Why terrorism is not Islamic in nature.

Are wars terrorism? They could be fueled by religious interests as much as they could be by financial and other factors like defense.

Wars, military and defense are supposed to be practical not whimsical like America and Japan have shown in the past.

So as long as we are practical and in the best interest of humanity (not us-humans but all-humans) wars could deter vociferous and inimical interests from harming us-humans or all-humans.

But often wars can be fueled by religious and terrorist interest. (These are two different occurrences although can work to boost each other)

So is terrorism Islamic in nature? NO. It could come from any kind of group out there. In medieval times wars were fought for religious sanctity or what we know; so we have been told, in modern times. But wars were also fought to survive or live in luxury, by plundering others. Whatever the case all wars lead to some sort of terrorism there, at-least it fuels further acrimony and terrorism.

Why isn’t terrorism an Islamic raison detre per se?

Lets look a little deeper.

We call Islam a religion of terror because there are suicide bombers. People that are apparently killing us because they are haters and bigots who would sacrifice themselves for protecting their religion and their culture. Thats true. But its not the whole truth. These kind of killers could be there in every group not just religious, let alone Islam.

In Islam suicide is not promoted. According to Quran; killing “infidels” through martyrdom is fine. You are protecting yourself. Of-course it can be abused, but which religion doesn’t manipulate its privilege and abuse its trust?

The west like it gives derogatory terms to everything thats not The West gave suicide bombers a boost in the moral psyche of the world. 3rd world, suicide bombers, axis of evil, and what not. They are always right and you are always wrong.

Now you would be thinking infidels would be religious? But not necessarily. Is Suicide Bomber a christian term? English didn’t come from Hindu, Budhist, Muslim or even Jew. Its just their language, especially from a medieval time.

Now you might think I m taking you in circle but I am not. Killing by suicide is not necessarily an Islamic thing. Its a war thing. Its a military thing. You take a sword or knife and kill “infidels” (kafir; The non-believers of the all pervading religious nation state under the jurisdiction of Allah, but thats how things existed, thats how Roman empire and Greeks existed as well. Ancient India called them Hindu samrat, what was the f* problem?)

Now if suicide could be employed as a tactic to kill enemy and not just because we hate you, while thats true, but also because its a military strategy.

You don’t believe that? Probably because you are not too intelligent to search or know before blurting out your diatribes against Islam or any other group that you hate.

I did. Couple days ago I saw some westerner trying to appease how the Japanese do not have as much casualties because they just do not allow the f*rs into their country.

Far away from truth in two ways. Japan is obsessed with West. The same way West always plays down its more respectable rich partner because they are not us. you gotta see this to believe it.

The Japanese do not discriminate with Islam just because the west wants them to. These are very own minded people, the Japanese. You can’t tell them too much what to do or not, although occasionally it will work, because they are trying to please you.

Why so much about Japanese, because I am obsessed right? NO.

Its the Japanese who pioneered suicide killing. Not Islamic jihadist. The jihadist is just using that as a military strategy.

“During World War II, about 3,860 kamikaze pilots died.”

kamikaze is Japanese term literally meaning Divine Breeze (to kill you) It sounds religious but its not. All names are religious in nature, change it to alpha-b1-x2 if you don’t like it.

kamikaze were suicidal warships. Attack the enemy by risking your lives.

In comparison in a few years how many suicide killings are there?

Talk sense when you want to talk about world history. Don’t be a hater towards anything.

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