For a month now I was having problems with my desktop. The word didn’t strike me until yesterday as to how I should describe it so that I can make a google search first.
Like in other issues the word did strike me on its own, without any help. But sometimes words strike first sometime after 5 years.
[its true, I remember after 5 years what I should have said to some one, yea “5 cartons of milk please”, although last I was in the grocery store was 5 years ago.]
So couple weeks ago I thought its my mouse which is doing this, why else the cursor would go hysteric.
I do have a wireless keyboard and a wireless mouse. You know when they help you the most. yey.
But I didn’t wanna buy another wireless mouse. They are a bit on the high side of price, about 4 times more than what a wired one would cost you.
So I got a new wired one but the problem still persist.
Since a few days the problem became really unbearable, I just couldn’t do anything with the computer. Reading a page was impossible, because of high speed scrolling etc.
So yesterday the word struck me. Erratic mouse movement. I just put those words on google and see how known these problems are. Which is why I compared Microsoft with religion.
On their support page they just mention “reduce the cursor speed on settings to less than 5”. But anyone who faces the problem knows that its hogwash. A search on google gives a tons of other factors that actually do it.
I was bemused that even anti virus programs do such nuisance, so wear it off and then on. Hardware does it. The surface on which mouse rests does it. A hair stuck on a optical outlet of the mouse does it. Tons and tons of reason.
No Microsoft prescribed solution to setting doesn’t do any thing. May be not less than 5 but even you have to set it to level 1 or 2 then the problem goes down a little. But when it comes back you are in a pickle again for hours altogether.
So I thought of reinstalling the whole OS. Since I needed to download from the web, it asked for a blank more than 4 GB pen drive, I was having some lone time, because I have to search for a good drive and so on.
Luckily enough before doing anything more other than downloading the iso file I noticed that I can’t type letters. Gosh, so many keys aren’t working. Now is there bug in the pickle when I am swimming through it? A whale may be?
SO, I am in my usual exasperated avatar, shouting some invective at the lowest possible decibel. Damn it now I realize why the ctrl key wasn’t working 5 hrs ago.
So I am thinking is everything alright with the key board?
I took it and flipped upside down. Oh my God where is the oil coming from. I didn’t spill and water here. Whats that liquid.
I thought may be an electric fuse has melt somewhere. But I took the battery cover off and see that the kids are crying profusely. Duracell. The cells that I hold with the highest veneration are defiled. Thats where the liquid is coming from.
Quickly I removed them. Cleaned with a cotton as much that could be cleaned. Put some new batteries.
Given that an hour has passed and I am doing everything so well up again, I have one more thing to add to the list of things that cause erratic mouse movement. Why not call it cursor hysteria?
Leaked batteries can cause this dreaded problem. PBH. Peace Be upon Humanity. Amen.

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