If you follow my talisman given below you will remember 6 kanji for your life.

I will give you some simplest funniest tricks to remember some Japanese Kanji. (Kanji is originally Chinese, but rules have evolved in Japan that might make them used or interpreted differently).

I bet no one gave you that before. Probably because they were not having fun with these the way they would have had if these were toys.

I will give you homologous ones !

犬、 人、大、天

Lets rearrange them in the order of their evolution.

人、大、犬、, 天

Now they represent; person, big, dog, heaven.

First you are a person. Then you become big (eg a CEO) then you become a “dog” and eventually you did end up in heaven.

As far as I know I do not know of further sequence of these homologous ones.

Not to forget this guy; 火. It comes right after you become a dog, so you ended up in China and they put you on fire grill before you could be sent to heaven. So thats fire = 火.

And I do remember; 太. Now thats fat or thick. A fat person isn’t so different from a dog. If you see in evolution it comes after you become a big fella.

SO this; 人、大、太 、犬、火、天.

If you now forget this sequence ever again its because you are cursing me for analogizing in term of fat and doggy people. But thats a sure shot way.

Person becomes big. Then he is fat. People call him dog. Chinese people burn him and he ends up in heaven.

These are all the kanji I already knew over the years, so basically I could recall. Don’t know any more homologous ones, other wise my theory will change.

[ And you don’t know even the poor husband figures somewhere, yea. husband = 夫. Find where it belongs in the life cycle of a man. ]

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