Its only sexist when you say it to a degraded fallen cabinet minister? Did she behave well with others? Talk AMU’s VC? He doesn’t have his dignity? Oh you are so engrossed with sexism, only when you want to save a woman. Its just a cover. You can make any problem look like sexism if you want to but only when a woman is to be addressed, because thats (sexism) the only thing that bothers you?

What about Taylor Swift? Is salacious comparisons just manly and hence sexism? The better answer was; A bigger earlobe doesn’t mean a music-lover. So a bigger labia doesn’t mean promiscuity. How many screamed oh thats so grossly sexist? Nobody, because it came from a woman? Sexism is when someone is degraded only for his/her sex, that is gender. Not only when a man does it. Because raising a flag only when a man is doing it, is also sexism, it wants to degrade men for their gender.

Yes we feel slighted when anyone criticizes our hanging gold. Just because you are criticizing something that you are not looking at directly doesn’t mean you are not body shaming us.

What are my personal view about the invective she was facing? They are in bad taste, exactly the things she was doing in her office running it like a fiefdom. But two wrongs ain’t do a thing right.

I have had a voracious deal of arguments with my father, mother and sister about this, right from the days of my youth. Whenever I get revengeful they advise me; if a dog bites a sage would a sage bite the dog back? And as usual I would fume that thats so not right, so not a good answer. So after a while, boastfully it occurs to me, ah here is what I must retort to them; and I am like “can’t they at-least take a thenga (big stick; a walking support for old people) and beat the dog with it? After all the dog started it.” On occasions I did state my inspirational vengeance methods, at-least to my younger sister if not my father. And there would be no answer.

But as I have grown up in the decades I have realized one thing. The VC’s dignity stands venerable, still it does. He didn’t fall. The minister’s did. At-least till she does not feel remorse for her action, otherwise she will become a monster. We really do not have to take a thenga and beat her with it, no mater how big or small the thenga is.

Enough; we can’t bring sense to those who are lopsided morons in their own right.

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