Lets us double the privilege of our MPs, shan’t we?

Do our MP deserve the hefty sum they are “robbing” from the tax payers money that they are doing by colluding with each other? Shouldn’t there be external bodies watching and deciding on their salary?


Apparently the MPs (member of Indian Parliament) serve the country. But in reality the country serves these worthless folks. Not worthless? I just drove this evening and I discover there are like 100s more potholes in the road, than when I drove last month.


The National Highways are so shoddy piece of work they wash off even in slight rains. My wheel got rammed in the hole so bad, I thought I have a heart fail. I am just saying. The actual experience I have been having in last 6 years in these sloppy roads is far worse. I will give you one example. NH-55 comes right in-front of one industrial area near Angul. I am not naming it. That place is such a night mare for driving. Its all due to the apathy the Government has towards citizen. They do not enforce strict measures and do not enforce on the industrial estates to have a base level of give back towards society.


People in front of this industrial estates confluence with NH-55 walk like blinded morons. Like 1000s. At any time there would be 5 people crossing your path without the slightest inkling of basic caution. Yes they just walk in front of a car without even blinking there is a fast moving object in front of them. They are looking in the same direction that you are and not towards you, can you imagine? May be like brad Pitt or Matt Damon on an espionage mission or a fight duel with a deadly Indonesian cartel member apparently without looking before crossing the heavy load of traffic. He is not battered into pieces but these men and women and kids might actually get hit by a truck or a car. And that actually does happen and leads to riots.


Now that you cross that nightmarish patch your brushing up with shocks and heart fails aren’t finished yet. One time I was driving a sedan (longer than hatchbacks) but the whole car fitted into a pot hole. I am serious, and there are many coming unexpectedly every now and then for tons of miles. Eventually it becomes an adventure but at no point of time you will actually love it.


All these are happening because there are no basic infrastructure. Aren’t our MPs responsible for making sure such basic infrastructures exist in the country? I am not just talking about traffic. Talk Health and sanitation. What are these crooks really doing to deserve so much luxury on tax payers money?


All the tax that are collected are spent towards luxury of officers and MPs and the alike. So private houses are also not interested to pay any tax. There is large deal of tax evasion. not that having a great tax collection will necessarily improve the civic amenities, as long as there is bribery and other forms of corruption. I mean you build a road and its just washed off in 1 year, while there are billions of INR spent into it.


The MPs do not pay any tax on their (total) salary (they pay tax only on base salary which is a small fraction of total emoluments). Most of the other rules by which our lives are governed are also not applicable to them. The unwanted angels. If you want to be a civil servant your age should not be more than 30 (and in case a casteist privilege can be applied, well 39) but thats that. Almost all the jobs have lower and upper age limit of entry and exit. But not applicable to MPs. You are exempted from many privileges or promotions or employments if you are from General category (meaning you are an upper caste, so you must be castigated as well as kept off from these privileges). Is there some thing like that for a general category MP? This guy is a upper caste MP, he can’t fight an election after 30 years of age, or must leave service after 60 years of age, 10 years less than that of a lower caste MP. He is a scheduled caste MP so he can win an election even if his votes are less than the winning MP because the latter is a general caste MP? then these MPs will understand what it means to castigate, insult and deprive some one meritorious based on which caste they are borne into.


So lets see how our country is actually serving these unwanted angels.


There is an imminent demand that MP salary is doubled. What the MP committee is demanding.


1. 50 K base salary >> 100 K


2. Salary + allowance of 190 k >> 280 K.
This includes salary, MP region allowance, office staff allowance.
Finance ministry already sanctioned this. They never face hurdles in what they want from this country. ( — remember parliamentary canteen and subsidies?) Only farmers and teachers and other such mere lesser mortals do. Ministerial committee already sanctioned this. only wait is PM Modi’s nod. He is never averse to good days for these over enthused privilege seekers, has he ever been? He is a happy go-abroad man. Thats a new phrase; happy-go-lucky doesn’t work for him.


Lets check other emoluments.


3. “Official-Residence Furniture” allowance to be doubled ( — lol) from 75 K >> 150 K. (I hope thats annual, they are really not as greedy as we think them you see)


4. They have another residence, right? The MP region residence; Free broadband of 1700 rs (why can’t they pay that from their salary though?)


5. You are an ex-Mp, the country served you (pun) for 5 years or if luck hadn’t it for you, you faced a hanged parliament that was dissolved prematurely, so the country actually served you for couple years. Welcome, the country will pay you pension for the rest of life. You got 20 K (btw thats how much most others in the country who actually serve the country for their lives, receive as their wholesome salary, no extra slice perks and privileges) … Now you will get 35 K.


6. When Parliament (called house) is in session MPs get daily allowance of 2 K, so a monthly staggering 60 K. Thats just allowance, no wonder you find many MPs philandering with hoes in their favorite hotels. See the country is acclimated to their blithely way of life.


7. There are 3 free phone lines conferred to the ever honorable MP; with a call limit of 50 K free call/anum.


8. A spouse or another kinship can travel with the MP without having to pay for the airfare, a staggering 34 times. The Indian tax payer will pay for this luxury. Even Kings would be jealous and miserable at such luxury. I presume these are business class airfare?


9. First class AC train trips, UNLIMITED. The first class are as luxurious as economy airways travel. Most of us would scrap such luxury even from our fantasy.


10. 4 million liter water and 50 K unit electricity per month is free in their residence. (Laugh all you can, anyone as cute as our MPs? Chhota bhim? eh ! I can’t bet. Google chhota bhim image)


11. For terrestrial tours ( — whatever that means for those who swindled enough to buy helicopters) they get 16 Rs per km. Thats modest you think? Think again. Here is a hint. Multiply by 100. 1600 Rs for a 100 km. You know thats luxury trip. In a 3-tier AC you pay that much for a 1800 kms from Bhubaneswar to Bangalore. If you drive your own car (most MPs have their luxury cars already lined up) a 100 kms takes only what 600 Rs for petrol or say 800. rest can be used for boozing and bruising.


12. Government hospitals ensure free health treatments for MPs. expenditures incurred in private hospitals will be reimbursed from government.


13. You know the Lutyen Delhi. Thats where our Kings are given their residences. No problems right? especially since you get allowances for curtains and couches every 3 months. Now you can laugh and release your sadist commotions about life in general. Why the prices go up so much, why there is so much tax and electricity, who cares about changing the curtains every 3 months. Lol, bed bugs? No not in Lutyen.


14. You can get upto 4 lakh (0.4 million) INTEREST-FREE loans for a vehicle. No not you, the metaphoric MP. The MP has a luxury car, so why he needs interest free loan? May be he has a daughter who needs a fancy vespa or a son who needs a little cocky bike. At-least fight from APP next year? well think about it, AAP has good prospects for their candidates. You hate the broom sign but do you know what privileges it can bring you? Finally think what hypocrisy we have institutionalized in India? Not yet? Well thats no canard.


15. Computer Allowances 2 lakh. thats 200000. Yoga Pro-2 laptop anyone, All in ones from IBM. And a tab and i-phone. All can come in that money. ya-hoo.


16. And why Cinderella wants to marry the Indian MP? Because Indian MP salary is tax free. But then these are two-pump chumps so that might not work so well. Also we need to find some outlet for women MPs as well. How are they doing with all that luxury?


All the data is quoted from an article in today’s odia daily. Factual errors are heartily unwanted. You can correct them. But see where we have gone from our zeal for the independence. To the shackles of subservience again? By our own unwanted angels?

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