Here is a summary of the questions which has possibly been set wrong (I have given details below) or numerical answer types whose answers have been given incorrectly as per the declared answer sheet.

Q8. The magnetic field also has a odd parity. Not “E and A only”. Since that choice (or “none of the above”) isn’t given, clearly the question has been set wrong. See here.


Q3. The Stern-Gerlach experiment evidenced space quantification of angular momentum. The Zeeman effect evidenced the existence of electron spin. That choice isn’t given, instead answer sheet gives the opposite as the correct answer. See any good text on quantum mechanics. eg “Quantum Mechanics 2nd edition, Bransden, Joachain” page: 37 and 38. To avoid any ambiguity, Its the S-G experiment which evidences space quantization (of both spin and orbital angular momentum). But Zeeman effect evidences electron spin only. It was the anomalous Zeeman effect which had led to the discovery of electron spin.


There are also two NAT type questions which seems to be way off in the correct responses as per the exam conducting body. But the calculations shows somebody missed something somewhere. They are questions 48 and 49 according to the uploaded answer sheet and question paper. I have performed the detailed calculations in this pdf file:  gatephysics_2018.

Altogether this is 6 marks and 2/3 marks for the Q3 and Q8 if they have been deducted wrongly. So, 6+2/3 marks. I haven’t been able to find any more lapses although it was very tempting to feel so.

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