This post belongs to the eschaton theme. Which means a small and swift blog post just to do justice to something that can’t be made comprehensively large by any reason, at the moment. 

Read the linked news article which giving excerpts from a book by the famed Martin Rees which I haven’t read, nonetheless which sound very tenuous on the scientific merit its purported to be based on, claims that particle physics experiments can create black-hole catastrophes on earth in the very unfortunate event that something goes wrong.

Here is my initial reaction to the article. 

“apocalypse mongering”

Earth’s Schwarzschild radius is less than 1 cm. What that means is earth needs to be compressed into a sphere of that radius with its current given mass, for it to turn into a black-hole.

It wouldn’t though. Due to density considerations, small masses — smaller than 1.4 times our Sun’s mass, can not transform into BLACK-HOLES.

Even Sun with an immensity of nuclear-energy which is trying to blow it apart, can’t. The reason is density. The maximum density allowed by natural processes — regular processes that is, is that of the neutron itself. That is, smaller strength forces like gravity can’t squeeze us resulting in higher than the nuclear density.

But smaller masses such as our Sun require its own density to be much more than neutron density for them to turn into black-holes. That’s not possible even with extreme high energy such as nuclear energy.

Earth would require even far more density than Sun requires to turn into a black-hole. That means earth needs to be compressed even probably a billion times or more densely than a nucleus.

Currently there are no such known processes that can achieve this for earth or any object smaller than 1.4 Solar masses. Also earth is not an active nuclear source like Sun.

Given that extreme energy can produce little black-holes that can eat smaller and smaller masses to turn into a bigger black-hole is also not a possibility since LHC energy is quite a faint one corresponding to required energy for black hole formation.

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