I was doing some research on optimization of my website. This is what I found.

Good news: My website is optimized for mobile devices, 15% better than some of the best blogs around the world. That means if you have been accessing my websites on your mobiles, you have been happy about your loading experience.

Bad news: My website optimization for desktop is 25% worse than these other sites.

If you have accessed my website from a desktop computer please don’t use curse words.

I am trying to fix the issues. — Its due to 3rd party rendering issues, like Java script and CSS styling codes.

Keep surfing this website on mobiles. For desktop you just need to be patient for few more seconds, until the issues have been dealt with.


Meanwhile enjoy this image. French vision of “vacuum” cleaner from 19th century — saying in jest.


Latest news: After banging my head in despair and researching for several hours in order to relocate to a different CMS and host — which nonetheless may be in the offing because of several other issues, I did page speed and optimization test again, to see that my desktop performance wrt optimization, has improved 20% points, what is it magic?

So now I am better than one of the two blogs, that  had compared, in both desktop and mobile devices, earlier I had fared lower in one aspect — desktop, compared to both the blogs.

The other blog fares better than mine in desktop performance by 15%. But I perform better than that blog in terms of mobile device, by 15%.

Sounds fair enough. Irrespective of hosting and CMS migration, I am a happy soul now, that my performance in terms of speed and optimization isn’t a harrowing low.


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