How to add speeds; Galileo and Einstein won’t agree. 1

How to calculate the speed of anything, when their speed becomes closer to the speed-of-light.

— To correct the comment I have made earlier ” unless something is completely massless in its rest-frame ” I also add the following. This is a fact which I have realized lately — or rather trapped myself to commit an inconsistent remark, by following the same comment, and better late than never; when something is massless, it will never have a rest-frame, because by Einstein’s transformation rules known as Theory of Relativity to be consistent, a massless particle will always move at the speed of light, no matter which frame we are looking at it from.

This then leads to the velocity addition formula of Einstein. More…

The famous Laxmi Puja, in my home town Reply

The etymological analysis of Laxmi Puja.

According to a deeper analysis of mine Laxmi Puja would mean worshiping the holy feet of Lakshmi, the Goddess of wealth in Hinduism … WHY?

Puja is literally pada or paga or pagar or payar etc. Puja has come to mean worship, celebration, festival, honor etc — because it’s the holy-feet.

Laxmi in my analysis comes as the following; Jayaswami >> Layaswami >> Lashmi or Lakmi or laxmi etc … where Jaya or Laya is Sun — as in sura+jaya = surjya, and swami is Lord, the lady lord = Goddess therefore is Laxmi, “as has been”.

Note: see how laya = sun, has become Light and how swami which is a variation of sami, kami, som, soumya, sun and furthermore soula, soura, sourza etc has become to mean: Lord or Master.

The point in making sama, kami etc are Japanese words; to mean master, lord and swami, sami, swain etc are Indianic, — eg Adnan Sami, the same word, phonetics which has evolved through slight difference in phonetics, but retaining the same meaning. More…

Readership data on this website. Reply

Physics writing seems to be catering to the demand-and-supply route. But thats not true. Look at string theory. Writing about science fiction, string theory and popular science takes up most space available in any related racks in the book store. So the idea is to talk about things that people will never see, you will become very famous. Invoke the G-word. Ghost, God, G-strings, G-modes and what not. But if you want to talk about something real, be prepared to be ingenious. Thats where Richard Feynman beaten everybody including Einstein. Einstein was ingenious and insightful but not in a way Feynman was. (Einstein was perhaps more insightful than Feynman but not as ingenious as Feynman)

**since most articles were transported from another website where they were well-read but not here, I am not hopeless, people usually stick to the same website, hotel, bookstore, restaurant and wife …, (sorry thats not a sexist joke, just for entertainment) its about inertia. You stick to the same beer, same brand of cloth and same subject matter for gossip. You feel comfortable with cigarettes despite how it corroborates you negatively. More…

Boson conundrum II Reply

This one article on Higgs and Bosons also I didn’t want to write. But I thought may be you should know something more than you already know.

read this (linked to pdf) eye opening article on BOSE (SN) and decide how silly its to believe any wrong has been done to him by the west especially when he got recognition by Einstein and Fellow of Royal Society by help of Dirac. Its our OWN TYPE of scientists that played politics with him so he did not get a Professorship position.

Which is why he said he had no qualms about anything, he has gotten his recognition. His son says his father has nothing to do with Higgs discovery. But Indian government wants to make a prolonged issue. They think this is the way to get a Noble?

And how about Brout? He was really old and he died. He really discovered the Higgs. He didn’t cry “my name is not used for the particle”. That whole euphoria wasn’t there. It came only after the actual discovery of the particle which took more than 5 decades and tons of particle physics labs as precursors. And India has none of these particle labs. Wonder where all the money going? Towards luxury of presidents and vice presidents and prime ministers.

Why “Indians” don’t raise a hue and cry over the issue of a Penta-Quark discovery? Do they even know its a Boson or Fermion? Do they even know what a Boson really is? Some one said “hey they are doing this again man, they are even not giving this damn Nobel prize to our great scientist Bose”. Then started Gandhi Giri. How many of you really care about the abysmal state of affair of Indian education and science research? Do you know India almost lost a Nobel in neutrino physics because that lab was shut down in Kolar Gold mines. Later the same study was done in Japan and the prize was duly given to Japanese scientists. Do you know One prominent particle physics lab and the first one for India has been delayed by close to 1 decade by the same Government on pretext of environment that is doing all this fake “forgotten hero” drama. We are lucky that we are even getting a chance to do science abroad. Our research labs are cow shed and those that are not are ruled by MAFIA who you worship on TV everyday as educationists and Philanthropists. Stop being cry babies and recognize your responsibilities.