House is to brick what society is to family and … Reply

Apply this to the education system, we can’t criticize the students, the teachers or the admin for ever, once a reasonable bits and pieces of them (and only that no less) is in place we can’t go on around criticizing the same. WE can’t blame the teacher for ever nor can we blame the students for ever. Then we talk about education system. But whats a education system? Do we define it? WE have to first define it from its bits and pieces and see the links and processes in its most effective info-graphic, if thats possible. That would be like a carbon-cycle. We do understand that (carbon-cycle) perfectly, why else we would understand our physiology so well? (we may not be applying such in a given situation, thats another dimension and thats criticism-awaiting) .

We need to therefore see exactly how our education system is defined: here is higher education department and it consists of so and so with such and such qualification assigned to execute such and such. That follows regional level officers who are assigned with such and such power and privilege and RESPONSIBILITY. Then comes the tertiary level and the ground workers. And here is the process. We need to thoroughly understand the principle and the process behind each component in this info-graphic, and how effective they are. Then we need to objectify the big-picture goal and see what gets carried out and what NOT. More…

India does not need science professors? Reply

are Physics, chemistry, Maths, Biology candidates debarred from applying for NET Dec 2013? Cos there is absolutely no possibility of applying for these subjects (and only 2 days remaining for deadline) .. topics does not list these subjects. Syllabus page also does not cover these subjects and moreover the application-online does not have these subjects in their drop-down. Is it a mistake on their part or simply something of carelessness or policy has changed which they don’t have any responsibility to advertise ? I am bothered and not seeing any light towards the end of my botheration.
Examples of notification for syllabus of particular subjects. More…

Teacher’s Corner. Reply

I believe its the sole responsibility of the Government (and no, not Government Bot) to make sure, it enlists default organizations and law-enforces them; to extract twice what they have defaulted, from their Employees and Government. Of-course, a lot of paperwork that are produced by these organizations, as mandatory disclosure are merely hogwash and; fraudulent numbers are filled in there. In addition, the Governmental Apex Body officers (such as AICTE) are often bribed hugely; to stop any investigation preemptively or not stop accreditation or to provide super ratings to defaulting organizations.

What really happens and why is Indian Academics not come of age? This above is one of the big answer. So lets go into specificity.

Primary School Teachers who are getting the scale of 4500-125-7000 presently, have been upgraded to, 6500-200-10500 and finally fixed in Pay Band-2 at 9300-34800 with Grade Pay of 4200.

Bol mere akka; says as of 2011 we are supposed to be paid, a minimum of INR 31648.

I (the author) bet we are getting no more, than, 15000 in most cases, thats in 2013. More…

Boson conundrum II Reply

This one article on Higgs and Bosons also I didn’t want to write. But I thought may be you should know something more than you already know.

read this (linked to pdf) eye opening article on BOSE (SN) and decide how silly its to believe any wrong has been done to him by the west especially when he got recognition by Einstein and Fellow of Royal Society by help of Dirac. Its our OWN TYPE of scientists that played politics with him so he did not get a Professorship position.

Which is why he said he had no qualms about anything, he has gotten his recognition. His son says his father has nothing to do with Higgs discovery. But Indian government wants to make a prolonged issue. They think this is the way to get a Noble?

And how about Brout? He was really old and he died. He really discovered the Higgs. He didn’t cry “my name is not used for the particle”. That whole euphoria wasn’t there. It came only after the actual discovery of the particle which took more than 5 decades and tons of particle physics labs as precursors. And India has none of these particle labs. Wonder where all the money going? Towards luxury of presidents and vice presidents and prime ministers.

Why “Indians” don’t raise a hue and cry over the issue of a Penta-Quark discovery? Do they even know its a Boson or Fermion? Do they even know what a Boson really is? Some one said “hey they are doing this again man, they are even not giving this damn Nobel prize to our great scientist Bose”. Then started Gandhi Giri. How many of you really care about the abysmal state of affair of Indian education and science research? Do you know India almost lost a Nobel in neutrino physics because that lab was shut down in Kolar Gold mines. Later the same study was done in Japan and the prize was duly given to Japanese scientists. Do you know One prominent particle physics lab and the first one for India has been delayed by close to 1 decade by the same Government on pretext of environment that is doing all this fake “forgotten hero” drama. We are lucky that we are even getting a chance to do science abroad. Our research labs are cow shed and those that are not are ruled by MAFIA who you worship on TV everyday as educationists and Philanthropists. Stop being cry babies and recognize your responsibilities.

My Teaching Philosophy. 1

Teaching is therefore while creative, satisfying and attractive in many respects and suitably rewarding one must be devoted in as many angles as it requires to be successful and responsible keeping the motto of teaching in glaring memory: teaching produces tomorrow’s citizens, the spearheads and pioneers of tomorrow’s world is the just product of today’s education and a teacher is the most relevant architect for that purpose.

I also look at teaching and learning process from another angle of paramount importance. Research. Teaching devoid of the latest knowledge of a body of epistemology, a creative dint of heuristics never discovered before or a suave deviation from a canonical pedagogy cannot be effective or attractive. One therefore in almost all academic branches be inclined to persevere to invent or share such gained insights by others towards the student-body. An ideally inspired student with an appetite to grow and cultivate the action of learning is not only the need of academia but also a cornerstone of a progressive society. More…