whats education system, whats the role of each component. A simple approach to envision. 

House is to brick what society is to family. Brick is stronger than house just the same way family is stronger than society. If brick is stronger, house can still be weaker. If family is stronger society can still be weaker. Especially if they are ill-conceived. Which do you criticize? The weaker, the grander. We should criticize the house and the society once we are done with the brick and family reasonably well.

Once we are done with the pieces the elements we still have to look at the bigger picture. Once we are done with the periodic table and its elements we have a tons of processes to criticize: the osmosis, the distillation, the clotting, the oxidation, the respiration and the digestion and the carbon cycle and what not. Because we understood the periodic table fairly does not guarantee so for the processes.

Apply this to the education system, we can’t criticize the students, the teachers or the admin for ever, once a reasonable bits and pieces of them (and only that no less) is in place we can’t go on around criticizing the same. WE can’t blame the teacher for ever nor can we blame the students for ever. Then we talk about education system. But whats a education system? Do we define it? WE have to first define it from its bits and pieces and see the links and processes in its most effective info-graphic, if thats possible. That would be like a carbon-cycle. We do understand that (carbon-cycle) perfectly, why else we would understand our physiology so well? (we may not be applying such in a given situation, thats another dimension and thats criticism-awaiting) .

We need to therefore see exactly how our education system is defined: here is higher education department and it consists of so and so with such and such qualification assigned to execute such and such. That follows regional level officers who are assigned with such and such power and privilege and RESPONSIBILITY. Then comes the tertiary level and the ground workers. And here is the process. We need to thoroughly understand the principle and the process behind each component in this info-graphic, and how effective they are. Then we need to objectify the big-picture goal and see what gets carried out and what NOT.

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