Why the neutrino and photon broke up? And why neutrino runs faster than photons?

The photon and neutrino are now separated but they seem to have a chat to their friends and dear ones what was the cause. It turns out that “little thing” was responsible why the neutrino arrived a little faster. They are now happy to be living separated but their boken heart is still singing. And here is a picture how the neutrino and photons look like.

Just a few implications of OPERA neutrino result.

Quest: … … I mean exceeding the speed of light which would send u back to meet Newton in person…

Ans: exceeding the speed of light would not necessarily send us back in time but will establish a new speed limit …

……. Ans: not just causality, a lot of theory will have to re-established. but think, may be just a new calculation replacing “speed limit” will do. one has to separate science from fiction.

The OPERA neutrino result

in the former case of the independent experiment they carry out, they can not at all use any relativistic boosting, relativistic additions, relativistic particle kinematics etc … No single formula of Relativity must be used, all the decay reactions that are into the experiment must first shed all photon-speed-relativity before their values will be used. They have too many assmptions to take care: