just a few implications !! of OPERA neutrino result, read with my main article: The OPERA neutrino result

If you think about it what is happening with the OPERA results, it is easy to see it: a new almost mass-less particle neutrino broke the record of photon. SO neutrino will get a Gold medal and photon will go sobbing to her mama: I have a runners up, someday mama, someday I am going to teach that shemale** neutrino a lesson. c can not go faster than me, c is stealing c, mama I need your words .. Mama goes; sweetheart someday the same fate will occur to her, some one will steal her c. then c will comeback to you and say “sorry” and you two will cry together.

**shemale is a nasty jargon you think for neutrino? See, a neutrino can be of many kind, A Dirac or a Majorana. that makes it 3-kinds. Dirac Particle, Dirac Anti-particle, Majorana Particle (which is it’s own antiparticle) If an anti-particle is like a woman, a particle is like a man then what is something that is it’s own particle as it is it’s own anti-particle? A man+woman.

The important physics that is coming up is: is it a group of mass-less or near mass-less particles each with a different speed but perhaps close to each other exist in nature? Let us say 10 of them and we know only two. not necessarily the mass-less being the fastest? It also may be so that mass-less-ness was hypothesized for photon and we haven’t changed or reviewed it. Being pervasive everywhere the tiny mass that photons may actually have is percolating into other particles such as a neutrino? In the end science always wins if a new branch of understanding is germinating …

This will wake up from it’s coffin if OPERA results are valid, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Superluminal_motion

most people talking about time-travel being possible. Simple answer is “NO the neutrino will gain more fundamental role than light or rather we have a newer speed limit, some day in future that may also be broken again, hence just the values of Lorentz Boost factor will change, as I mentioned in my blog (The OPERA neutrino result), what ever that means for the light cones or other space-like, time-like arguments, that will be so”. Intuition is more fundamental than a visual diagram although we should gradually learn how to draw more and more meaningful diagrams. Perhaps many of my arguments I have been making in my blogs (such as the ideas of relativity of time I gave on my webmohan.wordpress blog) are transferable to so many beautiful diagrams you will be amazed to see what is possible just by thinking in line with what we know.

On Friday night some one (my friend Sample, I often wondered is that even a name? ;)) asked me this question on Friday, today is Sunday, I will just quote that below …

Quest: … … I mean exceeding the speed of light which would send u back to meet Newton in person…

Ans: exceeding the speed of light would not necessarily send us back in time but will establish a new speed limit … (edited a typo)

Quest: Are u sure about that Dash ? I’ve been reading for years & just last night saw a YouTube clip with the head of Kavli stating that causality would be violated if we exceeded the speed of light..the reason of course being wed be travelling back in time …

Ans: not just causality, a lot of theory will have to re-established. but think, may be just a new calculation replacing “speed limit” will do. one has to separate science from fiction.

In my latest blog (The OPERA neutrino result) I have mentioned this fact: No laws of Physics will change first of all.

(Read Feynman what a law is, he explains Newton’s laws are not a law until you have Physics into it, he says Newtons’s so called law is a scheme of how to use the law, the underlying Physics)

a law is Physics: conservation of energy, magnitude of vectors being the same under some kind of transformation, and so on … With a newer speed limit what will therefore change is: Lorentz boost value, what will change is: exactly how much time and space are contracted under a given speed and so on, what will not change: a physical law, the virtue of a Einstein vector not changing it’s value or magnitude under a Lorentz transformation. In previous theory this was also the case, in new theory this will be the case again except the value of the vector magnitude itself changed slightly, …

that is Lorentz invariance being a law of nature
(as understood by Einstein’s theory of relativity, the special type)
it will not change
(unless there is something drastic about the OPERA experiment itself which throws off inconsistencies of special theory of Einstein and asks for conceptual change)

Lorentz factor (gamma or beta) will change of-course,
(c will most likely be replaced by c_neu)

Ayee Also need to say that don’t expect any drastic change in Relativity, such being inconsistent, since there are no Einsteins around.

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