I just got hold of something I wrote, 2 years ago, describing in nutshell, incidents, that are of no hard consequences, but how I run across tons of different type of people, in my sojourn towards oblivion. (I must be unhappy with my parents one day, 20 years ago, and said “I am leaving you guys. “where you would go, tell us, we are worried”, “Öh don’t worry I am going towards oblivion”.

November 6th, 2012, 2.30 PM. That’s right after lunch, when do I do such unnecessary stuff.

some insects biting me .. oh what an emergency in 1st world definitions. Reminds me thus of various things. (which followed a long conversation about my life’s incidents, the night before) These things are not chronological but follow how things would rush to top of mind. What causes such volition?

1. (humor on undergrads at Tech)

You have reached the Cassel Colosseum .. (Now get out o’ here and call your parents .. you have a D in 60% of your courses.)

2. (humor on health appointments at Tech)

You have reached the McComas (Was it the grad place or the health services? ah health, right.)

Welcome to Virginia Tech health services. Sign your name and stand in a que. Don’t speak until one o’ our representatives takes attention and comes to you with further instructions. We serve on a daily basis our clientele who are mostly gonnerhea, cyphilis and other potential STDs. Check this Brochure for further information you want on the symptoms.

3. (humor on self for going to Cook Counselling center in 2007-8)

Welcome to the Cook counseling center. Oh no its one of the best places, not for maniacs, you gotta be there to know, is the bearded guy still workin there? He was my doctor, I was so comfy with him, he would even see me off after advises, it was so unnecessary but you know; Tech it has to run its machines

4. (On a flying demon, to Japan) Where are you heading lady? I am going to Wisconsin. And we talked for the whole flying. She was about 40 I guess and grayed-white, curly hair and well built; with a friendly cheerful disposition.

5. (2001, Delhi Airport: conversation with missionary from US.)

Where are you going? I am going to Virginia. Oh see its not Virginia its Virginia. (its in how you say it not how you write it and writing is not a way to exactly make it sound like whats spoken but an approximate guide where the elements vary in so many different ways, than alphabets have been or will ever be developed, human greed and stupidity are infinite, therefore the accomplishments that were never to be)

6. (Flying demon, to Japan, Chicago or Cincinnati? airport )

I am a minister (I know howto deal with you trained smooth talker, alrite I don’t take offense, I love conversations as long as they are spontaneous I am all for it)

So you a minister, yes I am a pastor. And we got talkin.

7. As an after thought, the first white man I talked with, I remember, was in college, 1996-97. This tall fellow, came all the way from USA. (If I remember) After tons of years I realized, these people come from across the globe, just on indoctrination missions. The best way to deal with this is, to let them mingle with people freely, but our paranoia has meant we have made a big mess around such, nationalism and religion and politics got mixed.


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