experimental high energy physics

Why nothing moves faster than light !!

There is an interesting discussion on twitter why “nothing can move faster than light”. I could not resist myself from a simple explanation

I also think a similar one might have been given by Einstein himself, long time ago, so forgotten by most when they try to explain it.

How does something go faster !! by burning mass.

In case of a car to move faster and faster one has to burn the fuel, more mass in less time.

Creating Feynman diagrams with Latex.

I have successfully installed Cygwin, GV, GS, MikTex, Lyx etc on my win-07 Vaio. So I want to check to see my Cygwin functionality on some physics exercises.

The following link is broken now. Feyntex at Colorado.

— Somehow I could not produce this and another simple example for Feynman’s diagram using the codes here and at another place. Fortunately though I have the following which works excellent so far. So I am just learning.

My TikZ (PGF) codes are working.

So I will try to see if the codes written in Feynmf package in above links, how I can convert into Tikz ==>> and I tried and it all works nice: the diagrams are given above, compare with the same with the ones given in the above links, Feyntex at Colorado. 

I have posted the Feynman amplitude diagram of the electrons scattering off the hadrons elastically.