Creating feynman Diagrams with LateX.

The Feynman diagram for the electron-hadron elastic scattering

I have successfully installed Cygwin, GV, GS, MikTex, Lyx etc on my win-07 Vaio. SO I want to check to see my Cygwin functionality on some Physics exercises.

(somehow I could not produce this and another simple example for Feynman’s diagram using the codes here and at another place)

fortunately though I have the following which works excellent so far. SO I am just learning. My TikZ (PGF) codes are working. (SO I will try to see if the codes written in Feynmf package in above links, how I can convert into Tikz==>> and I tried and it all works nice: the diagrams are given above, compare with the same with the ones given in the above links, feyntex.html) 

I have posted the Feynman amplitude diagram of the electrons scattering off the hadrons elastically


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