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Stop stereotyping us, Nobel Peace 2014.

A minor disagreement with the way Nobel Peace Committee chose to depict two large countries of the world, sounding like an arbiter for everything that would go here.

From Nobel official website; “The Nobel Committee regards it as an important point for a Hindu and a Muslim, an Indian and a Pakistani, to join in a common struggle for education and against extremism. ”

Its a great thing India and Pakistan won Nobel Peace, that too together. But it sounds like a cheap gimmick to volley the idea that they are Hindu-Muslim and Indian-Pakistan. Did then the committee forget that they are Men-Women. I mean we should not stop at any divisive rue that are out there? Not expected from Peace Committee.

(How about 2015 Nobel Peace to China and USA, carefully chosen, Christian and Buddhist laureates?)

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Opinions on exorbitant cost of educative materials.

I can’t understand why the books are made so much expensive. Sometimes, I wonder whether they really want profit, or they just want that no one reads these books. They claim that the Author has put so much work and he should be paid for this. But I think if the price of the book is reasonable many people will buy and this way the profit will increase more and also they can satisfy their soul that they are spreading knowledge. In fiction, I can agree that the author put many imagination.

But in Science, most of the books [almost all in this era] are not the work of just one person but of many people and if we think logically, it is the research done on Millions of Dollars of [$] tax money by the society. So, the science doesn’t belong to a few persons but to the society as a whole and books are a way to return back value to them. I agree that authors need to be paid but if the books price is so high then who will buy them.

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The physical meaning of Schwarzschild Radius. Flyby, Pioneer and OPERA anomaly.

since we are using light-speed in our theory we must make an error at the order of S-radii since by definition S-radii is the distance over which the relevant-mass does not let even light escape (read the linked article above and here: All masses behave like black-holes to some extent). SO thats (S-radii) the minimum error or speed anomaly. That is where the singularity of Theory of Relativity exists. Sun’s S-radii is 3 kms hence 3 kms/sec order error on satellites is permitted by Theory of Relativity, at the surface or away from surface the anomaly gradually drops down, as we go far from the effect of gravity, asymptotically to zero. Which is what we are seeing, the speed-anomaly of pioneer is decreasing. Except we do not go close to Sun’s surface hence we do not see 3 kms/sec. We are far away from it and seeing 1.27 mm/sec. (That is our radar is not placed on Sun’s surface but earth’s surface)

400 kms/year is not small, this millimeter accuracy is inbuilt into theory of Relativity, or it would not explain cosmology.

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Update to: I solved Flyby anomaly of Galileo-I !!

This article is a compilation of technical results that I obtained through my research. The ideas of this article thus will be comprehended mostly perhaps by only an expert of satellite technology and/or a general Physicist, nevertheless only after he/she also goes through preceding analysis and descriptive-content, the last one is linked below.

Flyby-Anomaly for Galileo-I, solved.

I had missed one unit earlier (– see below) in the computations I had carried out, this anomaly is explained by Theory of Relativity contrary to what was claimed so-far.

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