full moon and gauge theory

This is called a gauge symmetry and gauge transformation since the additional functions are called gauge functions. This helps tremenedously since this unifies electric and magnetic fields into just one force field called the electromagnetic field. This then helps in theory of Relativity and theory of relativity is a unification of electric and magnetic fields in the same way in relativity space and time are unificated.

Proving you are wrong by assuming you are right

In our simple calculations and the most complex ones even if at first sight it may surpass our intuition we are in all the steps making a calculation that computes the various energy fractions/amounts and space and time are just parametric descriptions in this grand analysis. Ofcourse we start from the simpler and gradually, itteratively move towards the realistic problem but that’s just a clever approach where …

OPERA-II interesting

iii. Other experiments if consistent with OPERA will only make it a revolutionary anomaly that has ever made us unomfortable. If correct we should be prepared to study geometry and their implication for energy. That’s a question of theory. The experimental question that remains is

my ways or highways

Since they saw me frequently, going by taxis to KEK bus station and flying off they queried for how long I am gonna be gone and when I am coming back and so on; that was the point when I learned by the prinicple of practical needs the timing vocabulary of Japanese. I am gonna be gone for 2 weeks “nitsukan”, “ishuukan” and so on. How old am I ? I learned that earlier from a group of Japanese freinds “nan sai desu yo?” Watashi wa niju roku desu, I am 26. SO you can bet that is exactly when I learned these words, I was 26 years old, it must have been well before 2005.