Pigeon to the power pigeon, Light suffers less. If you are a smaudy you would ask what? And the answer is eccentricity. Light suffers less eccentricty. Photons are particles but they do not have mass. We say they are not material particles.

Enthusiasts have always surmised and exposited on new physics. Like it’s fab. They have every now and then invoked new physics whenever  there was anything that went unexplained or unresolved. The anomalies and puzzles were not any less in the world of Physics. Many times people have tried to break the sanctity of Theory of Relativity. They have invoked Dark matter and dark hallows in the conscience of the Universe. They did so with Pioneer and Flyby anomaly. It just baffled me why they came so heavy on OPERA neutrino anomaly when it questioned the validity of theory of Relativity.

It seems now, I will place more details of my analysis, why flyby anomaly may just be resolved with theory of relativity. I came across flyby anomaly accidentally when I was researching on OPERA anomaly, where my eyes were wide open with a number of fundamental open quetsions in Physics world. I was shocked that heavy and greatly understood celestial gadgets would exhibit remarkable yet unresolved effects to as well established a Physics as Theory of Relativity.

From theory of Relativity we know that material particles behave differently from massless particles. Last night I allowed myself to introduce a kind of tinkering, I do not call this a mistake, because it might have been deliberate at some level of my mind. I disregarded the speed of heavy objects such as a satelite in getting deflected in a gravity field. In other words I assumed a light beam to be deflected from the gravitational effect of earth. I passed this beam at the perigee of Galileo-1, flyby which I had been studying over the last week. And I placed the result last night, in the preceding article to this. It showed the angular deflection as the beam or satelite receded from perigee. It shows a curve similar to one I had obtained for frequency shift which is also the curve for velocity increament. Upon close inspection after hours of studying it on gnuplot, and coming across by chance again of how to make sense of it. (since I am playing with a hell lot of equations don’t blame if I was going to publish this as a valid result) I discover that this angular deflection converges towards 2.23 radians towards infinite recession from perigee (956 kms over surface of earth, again) The equation I came across by chance is the eccentricity of the hyperbolic path of the beam/satelite which bears a simple inverse relation with the cosine of the deflection. SO I plotted the eccentricity as a fucntion of orbut shape and the eccentricity “converses” towards 2.25. But the eccentricity of the satelite Galileo-1 at this perigee is towards 2.67. That tells a good thing to my ear.

Material partcles suffer more eccentricty. Light suffers less.

What implication it has for neutrinos, especially from OPERA? Could this be a test of neutrino’s superluminal attributes? Neutrinos got mass, quite above the photons, as we know it. What will be the eccentricty of the neutrinos at the perigee we have here? If it suffers more eccentricty than photons (2.25) it may be confirming to the theory of Relativty describing well it’s free fall. If it is ambiguous or if it shows a very small difference smaller than 2.25 but significantly different we have something about the freefall of neutrinos that relates to the implications of theory of Relativity. If we can test the theory from photons, why can’t we do the same to the neutrino? Make it go through a midterm and come out clean??

Just an idea.

NOTE: above in getting the angular deflection (and eccentricity therefore) there is a factor of 10^-9 in the surface potential of earth and a small factor of correction to this potential since perigee is not on surface, which should make the angle of deflection of earth really small, not multiple radians, (so take it as a home work, convert the radian into arc-seconds) Similarly the eccentricity will be that of a straight line ? cos of very small number will be 1, so ecc = 0.5? In any case earth twists everything by at-least ~1 cm (it’s Schwarzschild radii) That means light also must deflect by this amount except the arc-second comes from ratio of 1 cm to 1 light-second. So basically this is a centripetal free-fall acceleration for light as well: very small acceleration, hence ecc ~ 0, which would be an elipse. This also explains why there is flyby speed increament. The 1 cm deflection is what we are seeing in case of some satelites, these being heavy masses though, they circumnavigate around the earth in hyperbolic orbit whose eccentricity we have observed to be 2.67 for Galileo-1. (check the article: http://wp.me/p1wdOw-b9)

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