The 2nd OPERA experiment confirms my opinion that changing the length of the pulse would not bring a concernable amount of variation in energy so as to hide the clean results of OPERA-I. I had shown this in a plot of mine, where the interplay of Quantum Mechanics uncertainities were shown vis a vis OPERA and other experimental result. As Matt (Physicist) has explained in an excellent blog of his OPERA-II has brought marvelous deal of clarity into the experimental situation though. Nevertheless i. OPERA-II is far less significant ii. Quantum Mechanics does not differentiate between individual effect and effect of a bunch. what if we did not have the short pulse facility. But then this experiment will go through so many tests that it will only get interesting with time. Even with our far more remarkable theories we haven’t explained the flyby anomaly. iii. Other experiments if consistent with OPERA will only make it a revolutionary anomaly that has ever made us unomfortable. If correct we should be prepared to study geometry and their implication for energy. That’s a question of theory. The experimental question that remains is how well do we really know the neutrinos before we can claim WE have found a new theory. Well it may take decades. But we have for far too long focussing on not so exciting Physics although glamor industry in science has won a big pie through such not exciting rabble rousing. Time we get a Bohr or Heisenberg.

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