The meaning of ishan

azuma > asuma > asuna > isuna [of isu, of God, light, sun, fire, existence, rightfullness, person] this isuna is then isana. So what east in Japan is north-east in India if that has to be firmly used say 1500 years ago with their phonetic variations over this time not-with-standing.

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Why religionists drum up an apocalypse every now and then

You surf the last ten years electronic and print archives: You will see there would be at least 1 world-wide discussed apocalypse every year in this form or that form some of which was blown out of proportion and cited with filmsy grounds. Why the apocalypse angle is a favorite religious dictum and why this is drummed up every now and then, despite it’s obviously fake colors? One: there is a large audience that are a consumer of such a drumming, little realizing the unholy colors of religion and why such is to the benefit of church powers. Once the fear and other emotional centers of such an audience is riled it’s easy to feed God. It’s also easy to feed retrograde religious dictums. Two: It brings immense popularity to it’s proponents which are otherwise fading away from popular consciousness. Three: It helps a power sharing balance even between the powers to be of different church faction, so it’s rather a church or religious

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latter day scientist

Religious idea: “Don’t take offense”. my idea: take offense it may clean you up. 1st one is written on a church gate in Blacksburg, VA: 600 prices fork, Luther Memorial Lutheran Church. This line always impressed me. So I remember it 9 years after I saw it (correct me if I am wrong on the time)  I am a latter day Scientist. Why I call myself that. There are about 50 “chyrches” in Blacksburg for 60,000 people. But they also have a church called Unitarian Universalist Congregation, Sounds to me like a Hermitian or a transpose local gauge theory congregation.  I am a herectic, here is a topic for comparative religion and sociology students: The artificial insemination of Hinduistic religious doctrines in post-economic-liberalization in India inspired by the religious structures of Western societies.