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BJP is not interested in rape, because they are not committed by congress.

BJP is not interested in rapes because they are not committed by congress.

You know what’s trending today on twitter. ‪#‎BJPstandswithrapists‬

These are the people that will make India digital.

1. Kiran Bedi — supposedly a strong proponent of safety of citizen and heralded as a pioneer of “liberalization of women” in the country and a brave lady, because she retired with a very high designation of police officer in the country.

She says >> small and insignificant RAPEs — and assaults, gets more coverage in media and they are overshadowing the issue of corruption.

Lesson; some rapes can be small. More so, BJP is not interested in rapes because they are not committed by congress. Corruption, when uttered by BJP has to be read as Congress, because that is how BJP sways its vote bank, by construing an image of Congress as an epitome of corruption in the country, while totally absolving the massive amount of corruption it has enacted in the very few years it has ruled in the country.

2. FM — is it a radio or an honorable minister, Arun Jaitley — says, one SMALL incident of rape in Delhi.

Lesson; rapes can be small, all rapes are not as important. It shall not concern us for various reason. Today India lost a very small match against australia, let’s wait for the world cup. Let’s not blast our honorable finance minister. He is only being inspirational.

Writing and derision … Academic.

This blog was inspired by  Sean’s — Sean Carroll, preposterous-universe fame, Eschaton link. That linked website writes stuff just like they should be written. Cut it Out.

So I think I should start something like that, although that’s how I started writing if you “scroll” down to 2007 and check my blog — whats so funny about that? When I first started writing my blogs, the very first ones, it dawned upon me sometimes that I should write really long and blow people’s mind even if they may not read it, so they know I can. Its like driving really fast and blowing people’s head. Recently also I made a few jokes like that, check here. Eschaton is a really good way to do stuff.

Much of the stuff I write goes to Facebook. It used to go into various comment alleys in news-online sites. Back then comments used to be polite even if fundamentally opposite to each other in view. I even made friendship with people who were as far from Mumbai when I was in Japan. I am talking about 2001, 02.

In today’s times comments are fundamentally of two types.

Type 1. One which is pre-loaded. It means a person writes something and has made a few group members, who will come and attack anyone who has an opposite view, even if that person may be a close or known person to you. This is called cold-brutality. Its deadly and against human conduct.

Type 2. There is no such grouping as one sees in type-1 above, but its a trend to say something outrageous. Unfounded, silly and attack the honor, without a real provocation.

In either case it has become a sports of kind which I do not like at-all. Its like religion. Its done for the heck of it and points to a commercial and/or psychological gain where there is role play. One pervert plays the role of a knowledgeable person and another sucker pretends he does not have dignity.