Writting and derision .. Academic

Inspired by Sean’s Eschaton link. That website writes stuff just like they should be written. Cut it Out.

So I think I start something like that, although thats how I started writing if you “scroll” down to 2007 when I first started writing my blogs, the very first ones, then it dawned upon me sometimes I should write really long and blow people’s mind even if they may not read it, so they know I can. Its like driving really fast and blowing people’s head. Recently also I made a few jokes like that. Its a really good way to do stuff.

Much of my stuff goes to Facebook. It used to go into various comment alleys in news-online sites. Back then comments used to be polite even if fundamentally opposite to each other in view. I even made friendship with people who were as far from Mumbai when I was in Japan. I am talking about 2001/2. Now comments are two type. 1. which is preloaded. It means a person writes something and has made a few group members who will come and attack anyone who has an opposite view even if that person may be a close or known person to you. This is called cold-brutality. Its deadly and against human conduct. type 2. there is no such grouping but its a trend to say something outrageous. Unfounded and silly and attack the honor without a real provocation. In either case it has become a sports of kind which I do not like at-all. Its like religion. Its done for the heck of it and points to a commercial and/or psychological gain where there is role play. One pervert plays the role of a knowledgeable person and another sucker pretends he does not have dignity.

Its difficult to recover much from Facebook since time line is a slow ordeal. Also you can try this at home without any risk to your life: facebook hangs like a bitch when you write anything longer. Remember it used to be 4xx words or something like that and then they removed that restriction couple? years ago. Yeah, not much have been done after that. Facebook knows everything except competition. Its lucky because of its social appeal. [Orkut lost 80% traffic in last year due to Facebook!!] Lucky becomes often lazy.

I should have had my own site for all the stuff I was writing since 2001 or earlier. Remember I started writing creatively since when I was 8 years old. And that was frequent. In precollege I wrote an esssay about Gauss Law of electrostatics, I was 16 years of age. That was a few pages and in today’s terms it would reflect my clarity in understanding stuff. THat and much of my writing are probably lost when my family relocated, since I was in US they didn’t completely realize what to keep and what not, so only part of my books etc were survived and the rest sold to paper-merchants.

But blogs were not popular until very late. I signed up in 2007. Perhaps Dev forwarded me the first website: blogger. He had forwarded me a multitude of websites except perhaps Ron Jeremy hangouts. He forwarded me gmail.

Lack of blog sites plus  how they underestimate the average grad student on various aspects and on various pretexts. Writing a blog would be considered by most Professors a waste of time of a grad student. Ofcourse not everyone is a serious researcher so they should not even get that opportunity but most people today get that kindaa leisure and promotion from their professors. In-fact I think grad programs should make blog writing compulsory. A professor can ask the student not to divulge anything from his research, again thats optional, I would ask my students to write elaborately even if its their or my topic. It sure augments the task of checking their veracity, but what do we pay the Professors for? Swimming and Sushi bars and Salsa lessons? Nothing against Tom Browder. Just its the S‘ in all. This makes far superior researchers for the future than laboratory assignments. Our biggest goal is to teach and disseminate knowledge in the most lucid style. And think how much this makes academia a sustainable enterprise. Think how swiftly this makes academicians the enlightened knowledge and intellect seekers that they ought to be. Ofcourse there will be exceptions. But let the music begin and that will decide who gets the chair. Not every lazy butt is Einstein.

Most of the Professors forget today’s generation is always technically smarter than the yesteryear’s. Being clever may not necessarily so. Being smart is not necessarily so. But being technical is most often like that, simply because technology is Moore’s law plus most technology regime is patented so unless its commercially ready it does not become household and the generations have become older and lost or switched their interest and almost 99.99% are not at all qualified about technology. Which is why you often hear derisive rant about how younger generations are value and ethics less. Nothing is far from truth than older generations constant envy and claim to glory. Speak from fear most of them. They are all not Peter Higgs.

So I will end this with something small.

Spykar: thats the deo I have been using for a while and it inspires me to write me more not taken down by the vicious stink I would produce for myself. Ofcourse I have written 100s of articles with that kindaa self-derision, go figure which ones ..

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