If the palm represents corruption and the lotus rapes, which one you will chose? It depends on which is small, palm or lotus, you chose the bigger.

BJP is not interested in rapes because they are not committed by congress.

You know what’s trending today on twitter. ‪#‎BJPstandswithrapists‬

These are the people that will make India digital.

1. BJP’s Kiran Bedi — supposedly a strong proponent of safety of citizen and heralded as a pioneer of “liberalization of women” in the country and a brave lady, because she retired with a very high designation of police officer in the country.

She says >> small and insignificant RAPEs — and assaults, gets more coverage in media and they are overshadowing the issue of corruption.

Lesson; some rapes can be small. More so, BJP is not interested in rapes because they are not committed by congress. Corruption, when uttered by BJP has to be read as Congress, because that is how BJP sways its vote bank, by construing an image of Congress as an epitome of corruption in the country, while totally absolving the massive amount of corruption it has enacted in the very few years it has ruled in the country.

2. BJP’s FM — is it a radio or an honorable minister, Arun Jaitley — says, one SMALL incident of rape in Delhi.

Lesson; rapes can be small, all rapes are not as important. It shall not concern us for various reason. Today India lost a very small match against australia, let’s wait for the world cup. Let’s not blast our honorable finance minister. He is only being inspirational.

3. BJP’s — KS Eshwarappa “You are here, if someone takes you, rapes you; then what can opposition do?” — to lady journalist.

Lesson; You know he is being helpful as weel, like those tee shirts in wall mart says “How may I help you”, he is only asking the journo “How may the opposition come to your protection if God forbid you are maltreated, that is treated like a “maal” in Indian pu-linga”. Opposition’s job is to make sure it can go to next level of power. Not stop rapes. Once in power “some rapes are small”, so shut up either way.

4. BJP’s — MP home minister, Babulal. “Rape is a social crime which depends both on woman and man, sometimes it’s right sometimes it’s wrong”

Lesson; Its social, its crime, it involves men, it involves women, it could be right in some peepa’s prospective it could be wrong as weel, how is the minister wrong here, you media peepa, you are always twisting thing and never concern the national interest, you traitor. If you can not prove me which rape is wrong we are not interested in it. A rape which is eg committed by our connivance or indifference is not an important rape. It’s a small rape, let’s forget it. What if small kids get raped, is it small or big? It is small ray, they are not yet into the politics of the country.

They will one day feel privileged when they come to realize when they are adults it is their rape by some patriotic person that saved the grace of our beloved nation because we ignored it as small. We can give them some reward, they are sensitive to the country’s integrity, just because you are raped at the age of 5 does not mean you shall forget the country’s larger interest.Our PM saab is going to abroad, so many countries you know, to bring laurels — and l’oreal’s by any means? for the country, what will they ask him, if we do not hide such small things? Think once for country. Think never for rapes.

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