Economic recession and information blackout

I think all such email and other websites also suffered big time and it must have been a tremedous job to recover the information loss in these giants which were running the world for years. I had been thinking in the lines that they would be working in such directions or else there is no way economic revival is a possibility. And indeed it seems much of the info is getting recovered. Now one good thing is social sites like xeemee are connecting every site/social-presence and also you can see how networking and information sites have come up connectig each other making life not only hugely easier but making the flow of information a great advantage for various kind of services and business and personal use.

The Tesla dream

Xc; Every scientist has a high degree of respect towards Tesla including me. We use many of his inventions. Having said that in Nikola Tesla’s days particle acceleration technology was almost nonexistent. The current energy we reach is only a current technology. Naturally occurring high energy particles constantly hit earth atmosphere such as extremely high energy cosmic rays but it does not do us much harm. But if he actually gave such an interview (there are other websites also mentioning this interview) he was hallucinating as he did not understand the nitty gritties but it is impossible to send electric currents (thats what beams are) in open air that too for 250 miles. People believed him for his reputation but remember Einstein has come out plain wrong on many physics problems and his compatriots understood this far better than we do at present. Just one thing comes to my mind what Feynman said: No one is a pope in science … compare that to lightning, how it spreads everywhere, he could not have produced lightning for that sake, he should have thought a little more.

Rising Oceanic Levels

If you use that idea here you can see that 3 mm/year is really not a concern if they haven’t used the Relativistic corrections to their satelite data. But if they have taken all Relativistic effects which per a year can be really a large value compared to 3 mm/year then 3 mm/year can be studied to be some other effect. This question of any possible Relativistic error must be addressed first before any thing can be claimed about growing Oceanic water levels.

The limits of Theory of Everything !

Difference between everything and anything.

You would think, when you add over, all the ‘anything’s, you get everything. Or in other words; Everything = integration (anything*dthing). That’s not true.

So most people confuse a Theory of Everything with a Theory of Anything. So that will never happen, the latter. The theory of Everything in the sense of Anything will never happen.

Physicists are not thinking that.

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