My vision for India’s education.

This failure is primarily because of a paradigm shift that India hasn’t yet fully realized. The achievement of international standard needs to be a national effort to lead towards international standing, NOT a branding phenomena. The “Nobel” efforts such as that of Rabindranath Tagore and CV Raman are respectable, but they could NOT meet the demands of an international dream that India has discovered for itself in the last decade.

Future is therefore “gleam” unless truly national effort of international nature (read international effectiveness) is realized in the next 5 to 10 years. The IITs and BITs and IISc are reputed organizations, but haven’t kept up with a national dream, so they can not run into the international miles. The new names such as Nalanda and Vedanta University are either in their metamorphosis or strangulated in sightless paranoia.

The economic “farsightedness” of USA

The USA could never deal properly with it’s immigrant burden. On one hand the immigrants have their own aspirations and they are the biggest task force that keeps the USA economy from faltering, it keeps the labs and the industry going. These immigrants have their various aspirations which are not necessarily fulfilled. On the other hand the natives and the immigrants both have to take the burden of sustainability. It is a new economic condition of the USA that was brewing since several decades, it only took the skin off the American economy. One can only learn lessons from great turmoils. And the Americans are one of the best people to learn faster. Sometimes they are just too taken up in other’s business.

Conflict of interest, between science and religion.

The difference between a principle of religion and a principle of science is, in case of religion, it is the same principle that produces a believer on one hand and atheists and non-believers on the other. For a principle of science, there is a varying degree of acceptance, but that comes from how much someone is capable of understanding these principles, not from a personal wish.

A religion and science situation.
Many people think, or at-least pretend that they do, (1) religion is anti-scientific or (2) science is anti-religious but the mere fundamental thing is, to realize; religion is an index of our ignorance.

The natural question that then arises;

Is science an index of our knowledge?

Does the ignorance that props up in science, a license to nurture ignorance and call it religion?

Let’s learn some translation !!

So I am tempted to remark before the agglutination (mixing of phonetic units), many languages were linked through same rule and similar sound softness and length albeit differed in their effective existence, but after mixing look different. the ” a’chhi ” of odia was actually ” a’chi ” which was as soft as “aru” and not “arhhu”. so the “ru, ri” sound of Japanese might correspond to “chi, ch”. So Odia was as soft a language as Japanese was 1000 years ago and still
is, these two came from agglutiation of same language rules and system and in 1000 years became indistinguishably different

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