Due to economic recession most of the online systems were ravaged. They had to rebuilt ..

( — I never got my banks online system properly upheld, the address changes were not respected due to international waters, I had to keep calling my banks at 2 am from India, so many times because thats when the banks would be open in US, my online accounts were for most banks not logged-in-possible, they were changed in various ways. Only the ones where I had some money I could login)

When they came up they signed up with different banks and everything had changed. In any case I could not sign back in at many places. I could not call them, I would wake up at 3 am to call them and the toll free number would make me wait for 30 minutes, then the voice quality would drop and the person on the other side would not understand a damn thing. This went on for many times till I gave up. Gradually things are building up where you could recover info. It was not only with bank but many other online systems such as email etc.

(– there is one thing wrong with free email, at any time they can scrap your service and you will feel like a homeless, I just remember how my first ever email mohandash@apexmail.com became paid and I lost all my emails, I think rediff also went that path but with apexmail there was no prior warnings, I just lost many interesting email conversations I had. Yahoo and Gmail saved the grace for years because email monopoly was on the rise, my mac.com email was charging 100$ a year which was bs from Apple, Apples’s sins are often not addressed, it sales stuff at exorbitant prices, its service in US is not that good, in Japan its service was excellent compared to Sony Vaio which sucked unimaginably, Sony camcorder and cameras suck too, on product side a bit but on service side never go for Sony, I don’t know last few years story though.)

I think all such email and other websites also suffered big time and it must have been a tremendous job to recover the information loss in these giants which were running the world for years. I had been thinking in the lines that they would be working in such directions or else there is no way economic revival is a possibility. And indeed it seems much of the info is getting recovered. Now one good thing is social sites like xeeme are connecting every site/social-presence and also you can see how networking and information sites have come up connecting each other making life not only hugely easier but making the flow of information a great advantage for various kind of services and business and personal use.

I hadn’t thusly signed into many websites like my own yahoo email and amazon etc which were my frequent usables since 2001 – 2003/4. I see now life has been pretty easified if you are willing to spend a few hours at the table  and connect yourself by feeding in proper information about your self .. You don’t have to fear a lot about making your info available, see if we would be that fearful we would not be getting free yahoo or gmail or other free services.

The only time I had purchased something on Amazon was in 2004 (– I just logged in after the economic recession, thankfully all info is intact) I had purchased 1100 $ worth of merchandise which is by assuming a 5 times inflation of the purchasing-parity in India enough to buy a low-end car. ( — 2.5 nanos with it)

Or if you start your own small business even now with that money you could make 5 times as much in a year if you are good. Anyway see what I had got? A camcorder (–which I lost in Kansai Airport in Osaka) 3 movies (– to have the DVD myself) and two books for scientific reporting/presentation.

The movies were  1. West side story (–my favorite) 2. The man who would be king (–liked it) 3. Apollo 13.

The man who would be king was based on two white folks landing in Kafiristan and with the ambition to win over the kafirs play games and get killed in the end .. by Sean O’ Connery if I recall .. This DVD went into a player in a laptop of a friend’s and the DVD came out two. That was 2004 summer, remember !! whenn I had returned from US to Japan and among other things getting very adventurous with Physics and driving and exploring life in general ..

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  1. I get the point. wondering whether the same thing will happen to cloud services like google drive, picassa or dropbox … in which case i will lose a lot … although i take backups 4 times a year …


        1. information safety and bookkepping these two are a pia often .. there should already be organizations/companies taking care of this comprehensively but not yet a reality


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