Safety of science in India, is Indian Democracy in control of science in India?

I have teachers from where I come from, who are the alumni of IITs and likes and they are all engaged in some sort of activities related to science and research, say teaching. They are also of the best quality as I have come across, but when it comes to finding a structure that recognizes and utilizes their potential its quite far away. Is there a database in this country that maintains the list of experts and their expertise so it can be used for future plans for science, education, and teaching.

You can remind me this country doesn’t thrive on such principles; I have come across the corrupt practices of organizations such as the AICTE and I have also come across their dignitaries, who go on government funding to places inside the country but have no worthwhile issues to take care.

They come and see the laboratory and in a careless momentary self gratification remark “Establish LASER in the labs ”, well if we need LASER and you can right away see it, why don’t you take a report from right there and submit it to your office, and sanction the money the next month. I can certainly write a proposal right there in a couple minutes.

Ten ideas in my mind…

My basic question is how can we really wrap up, revamp and optimally use all forms of electricity available to us since a century. Why must we not use such provisions in a way that saves us 150% of the energy that we must have wasted along, in our lackadaisical schemes of producing, distributing and selling such energy, possibly due to a careless system rather than a technical snag.

Good science survives on giving credit to right person

A log of a discussion, I had, with a some folks I have never met …

On freedom of science and freedom of doing science …

Mr Tony Owopetu;

To what extent do you think data from scientific research should be shared?

Mr Austin T Mohr;

Fully, freely, and without reservation. Of course, I’m a mathematician AND an idealist, so what do I know?

Mr Manmohan Dash;

Dear Austin, your sarcasm at self is very well taken.

But I fully, freely and without reservation agree with your observation…

The problem, the antagonists of that scheme cite, are ones of propriety and plagiarism. Like, if you share your data, somebody else might coup you, in going ahead and claim the science to be their own. But then, I think that’s a basic problem of how we generally do science, rather than problems of this scheme.

Mr Austin T Mohr;

“Like, if you share your data somebody else might coup you in going ahead and claim the science to be their own.”

When are we going to move beyond notions of “my discovery vs. your discovery” and just work toward the common goal of “discovery”?

Mr Manmohan Dash;

Probably never.

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