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This page will bring interesting posts, sometimes with videos to limelight. It could also bring posts with social apathy or mis-constructs to the foreground. It pertains to the state of Odisha only though. With time other pages can come up with interesting videos or pages pertaining to other states and the world at large.

The aerial view of Bhabanipatana

The video shows a beautiful video of the city of Bhabanipatana — in the district of Kalahandi of the state of Odisha. Click on link to see the video.

The plight of Paralakhemundi

Once the citadel of the mighty Gajapati, who ruled from the Ganga to the Godavari: Paralakhemundi of the Gajapati district, languishes in the peril of apathy from the system, read mostly, the Indian Railways here. Click on link to see video.

The art forms of Odisha

Various art forms of the state of Odisha with brief descriptions. Click on link to read the article.


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