Large Hadron Collider and Apocalypse (Radio Chocolate and “Maar-lika”,) Reply

The question of God has pervaded the scope of our high communication lines. If you drive in the eastern landscapes of India you may as well come across a radio broadcasting called Radio Chocolate where apart from the voice of the young you will get to hear the voice of the weird and the voice of the uninhibited with equal fervor. Well I did not drive but I was in the comfort of the passenger space to hear one interesting running discussion going on the radio.

The question that was asked to the listeners was “Should Scientists believe in God” almost like should they be given a choice in the issue of existence of God. The response invariably was “Yes, Scientists like everybody else are created by God, Therefore they must abide by God”. Not one voice I heard seemed to be aware of what a Scientist really is, and that’s why, why he must be held to such a standpoint.

I thought to myself “Well people, the very question of God is debatable. Scientists are created but not necessarily created by God. Scientists have an independent thought process, specifically speaking, independent of the question of creation by an intelligent designer. Therefore the standpoint that they must adhere to the acceptance of God is…. well….foolish.”

After a few months, today, I remember this discussion, the context of which I will narrate now. Sometimes I have a very “irregular” sleeping habit. I sleep the whole day out. Pretty much without any synchronization to the Sun. Today, I got up in the evening and almost immediately my mother came to me and said there is a news the world is facing an imminent apocalypse, that Scientists are doing some large experiment  and it has become a matter of debate and there is a news about it which you just missed.

Where I am from they have news broadcasts pretty much every hour but at 7′o clock there are popular regional TV channels that broadcast their news. Yes that’s when I got up. Half an hour past 7 pm.

Do you know of this?
Oh yeah. Since many months.
What do you think of this? (imminent danger from such an experiment)? Some people have threatened to kill Scientists.
Nay, nothing is gonna happen. Its just a kind of…unnecessarily blown up.

And then we all glued to the TV. There were clips being shown from the Large Hadron Collider, from the famed European Laboratory CERN. There were captions in regional language which reads into English like “Testing the Big Bang Tomorrow” and the description is “through atomic collision Scientists are testing the big bang and debating the imminent destruction that’s apprehended from creation of mini black-holes”

Different channels were showing interviews of several people. In one interview they were showing a young professor of Physics who was struggling with his Hindi to explain as much as he was struggling with the Physics.

Another popular person on the clip but uneducated on this issue was of a famed Scientist President. He was being coerced into giving a response and hurriedly he read the name of the experiment “Large Hadron Collider” from a piece of paper he held. His response was this is an experiment where positron is being collided onto ions. That was an incorrect explanation as much as it was incorrect factually. The fact is this is a proton proton collider, a proton is a hadron, a positron is not a hadron but a so called lepton just like an electron is.

The explanation from him of why this experiment is necessary was “this is to understand the universe, the creation of you and me”.

Yet on another channel they had a very interesting and lively discussion. They had invited a learned Professor of Physics and a renowned person who had established the best research institution of Physics in the state. They had also invited to their show a dogged religious semi expert who quoted uninhibitedly from a mythological scripture of strictly regional scope called “Maar-lika”.

This scripture had rhymes that he was reciting like hymns in support of his world views that apocalypse is looming large over Society and that such apocalypses are described in this scripture and that when the experiments start tomorrow there will be a doomsday as a matter of the predictive power of such a scripture. He went further to say that the scripture was written by five scholars popularly known as “Panca-Sakas” or the “group of five friends or collaborators” that survived on leaf and branch for food while the Scientists are eating money. That such predictions of apocalypse came easier is because of that reason.

The scientist in this show was exceedingly clear on the issues of the experiment from an experts point of view and did really give a very explanatory response to all questions. The only remark which did not make sense to me was his comparison of “The Ten Incarnations” of great Hindu God Visnu to a Scientific evolution. Because He took several biological forms ?

As the heat in the time continued, I tried to explain my father of various issues like the size and the resulting influence of the hypothetical black-hole. There were many questions that were being discussed hotly in the interview. That the temperature in the collision will be thousands of times higher than the temperature of Sun. I explained to my father that this is not going to be of any concern.

The size and mass of the Sun are so high that to have such a high temperature index it has to burn and produce like a devastating bomb, the small size of the bomb notwithstanding. That this will produce a black-hole has no safety concern for the community as real blackholes are of much bigger in size since they are produced from stars. As a comparison any star that produces a black-hole must be at-least 1.4 times heavier in mass and in addition must live for million of years before its outer shells explode and its inner dense matter compresses and forms an all-engulfing black-hole.

The size of the black-hole that will be produced if at all would be extremely tiny. For example, consider and assume that the real black-holes that exist today have a size same as that of our earth. Our Universe extends to unimaginable distances. So when a big bang will be produced in the Large Hadron Collider in the size of a tiny tiny tiny point, the size of the black-hole would be unimaginably smaller compared to the size of the big-bang. They can not destroy us. Rather we can study the real nature and influence of Real earth size black-holes that exist else where in the Universe.

Observations about psychology Reply

(some) Observations about psychology,
Aug 26, 2008, 4:19 p.m.

As kids our intelligence is well developed but we don’t yet have much experience with the human world to develop a robust psychological system that adults are equipped with especially since they have a treasure trove of relationships to their account. Kids often express themselves in fewer ways psychologically than adults although an important aspect that we may not overlook is their persistent inquisitiveness to learn new ways.

Kids are great learners of anything that stimulates them and suits their capabilities as human beings. Observing such minute details are often not a very well founded branch of Science. As kids some are obviously outspoken or extroverts. Some fall into another category and are intelligently inwardly talkative. That is, to say, they are of the introvert kind. So much so that they might be cohesive towards a group of kids with similar traits of inward behavior.

There could also be a kind that has outstandingly developed relationship traits and communicate in ways that are considered to be of secretive or suppressive towards expressing the truth of a situation. Yet these might be what some express as “truthful responses” in relationships.

Study of child psychology could lead to a rich body of knowledge that can shed light on how adults themselves behave in the real world as their childhood attributes and behaviors solidify into characteristic traits. For the type of kids thats as much as we can talk about for a normal composition of normal kids.

It could be of some value to such a discussion, to try to bring a personal angle that do not hinge as much on usual childhood traits. As a kid of unusual abilities and a keen habit of keeping track of small details I have often tried to look myself up in a mirror of incomplete but careful observations. I have been known as a fairly outgoing and playful kid. But with as much fervor I know myself to be self protective, cautious and inward thinking.

As yet another possibility I have had phases of solitude although with less intensity than the first two traits.

Contemporary inflation vs characteristic inflation Reply

Contemporary inflation vs characteristic inflation: June 15, 2008, 3:48 am

Most of the inflation seen in India today is a kind of recoil inflation. Its one thats inherent in the way new business ventures come-out but overlooked because you can’t think everything through at the initial stage of a new venture and once the business arrangement is in place the market forces do not allow for a subsidy in the rate at which this blows up. Its like you have a fiercely vibrating band of rubber or plastic that has a tendency to always vibrate in its natural state. You hold it tight so that it gives you a stable behavior while you are making some sort of arrangement but once the “other” components are in place and you are out of picture the whole  system along with the fiercely vibrating piece gains an inflation in vibration.

Its a naive analogy but aptly describes what would happen in a system where some sort of inflation is definitively conserved. The Government  can’t have a full control over such inflators especially at an initial stage of the phenomena but should consider its role and responsibility in a proactive way. It should invest its efforts for scientific modeling of such behaviors and their holistic understanding and a connection of such details to real market phenomena.

If the above characteristic would be prevalent in the Indian market setups it would be easy to spot such structures especially the natural inflators in the business models because it would be prevalent everywhere starting from small scale to large scale business setups to the stock markets, articles, reports, discussions in the media to tea time gossips. It would show more as a trend than as inflation structures but detailed analysis of these trends and their root causes could be found out.

Why there would be inflation in lodging tariffs, real estate constructions, expenditures in technical education…., exactly how they inflated, their detailed correlation to inflation elsewhere in the country to check the causes of such inflation should be the kind of study that the centers of advance economic studies, management and business schools and Technology initiatives take up. Profit making big and medium size business empires should invest their infrastructure and hard money in these academic and economic laboratory setups albeit in reasonable amounts to understand the inflation behaviors of the Indian market.

Indian inflation in recent times have become causes of real concern and before one trend produces another into another and yet another that increases in its effect and becomes a market attitude its time to act otherwise India would be hardest economic problem to crack, the most expensive place to live along with its huge social and economic problems.