The world of physical reality … Reply

Why are such experiments to explore the physical nature of our universe so paramount to human endeavor ?

If you drive a car and hit against another rigid object you might wanna know how hard it will affect you. You might not want to experience that real time. You might wanna hire some confident engineers to do the job in a laboratory. They will take equations that were discovered a century before and simulate the forces in a mechanical setting to give you answers that will be like logical umbrellas. [Or spherical cows !!]

But there are also forces and equations and structures we have stumbled across which we experience but don’t understand. What they will bring us 100 years from now is something worth giving a consideration, a worth that runs into billions of dollars, as world wide efforts of finding the deepest secrets of nature. More…

The doubly charming. Reply

There was this short guy from Colorado who wanted to come to Virginia for a change and he narrated his experience in the plane he flew the day before. He had a chat with his fellow passenger and how he was greeted with “you are charming.”

“Oh you are a Charmonium” I quipped. He did not get it at first and I was a little embarrassed as I wasn’t quite clear myself why I said that. Few moments passed into the situation and I remarked, “you see, a Charmonium is a nick name for a particle that has two quarks in it, each of them is a so called charm quark. So a Charmonium is doubly charming instead of just charming.”

Another of his friend remarked how its a little tricky to get a Physics joke. On the contrary I thought how it has become a little fashionable and thats why acceptable how out-rightly sexual, Physics jokes have become. More…