When Love can cost you dollars.

American Academics.
When Love can cost you dollars, if your emotions aren’t syndicated and shielded well.

Why often they guard themselves against, the deeply entrenching scandalous affairs they find themselves in. One example in the making; affairs at Stanford Business School.

Doborah has been advising women against gender stereotypes. She knows therefore how to treat men especially well, overcoming the barriers, herself, really well.

She is a Professor at the graduate school of business, GSB. She is married to an African American Professor James, a rare breed not just biologically, but also one to be found on the payroll. Of-course thats natural. Whats not natural is what will follow.

The academic sky of Asia.

4. Rep of Korea: 14% organizations in top-100. Korea is 1.2% of Asia population.

Result: Korea provides about 12 quality organizations for each percentage of its people, normalized to Asia. Korea provides 1 quality organizations to about 7% of Asia population.

{quality orgs for its own people, normal to Asia; Korea 12 orgs/%, Japan: 7 orgs/%, China: 2orgs /%, India: 0.1 orgs /%}

{quality orgs for Asia population; Japan: 1 to 7%, China: 1 to 7%, Korea: 1 to 7 %, India 1 to 33%}

I haven’t scanned other countries such as Israel and UArabE. I am sitting in a cyber cafe to do this analysis and the keyboard was installed in 1556, so basically can’t type efficiently, its like pushing a stone with your elbow hair, like there is any.

Patriarchy in Indian academics. Our excellence is a myth.

The Indian Academics are glorious organizations, renowned around the world for their moribund infrastructure but excellency in education.

Isn’t it a myth?

How can we produce the best athletes who live and practice in mush? Perhaps the king just needs the athletes, no matter what, as the Olympics needs them. This time the international organizations have created and sustained such myth. They need a large number of half educated folks. The ones that are not trained.

The same story of British magnet. It will sustain a low grade low quality task force, because we are not anyway harnessing on their quality, but on their quantity. We have to run empires. We have thwarted the real Kings and wrested the power from them, to have our democracy. Now we have to come out looking like Kings.

The India train

Then Srijan says “you are expected to be continually productive”. And then what? “I am not reponsible for your expectations, I have a tennure”. Stop being palatable like a gourmet dealer. Academics is screwed up everywhere. Accept the truth and share them.