The academic sky of Asia.

Asia Academic ranking

Check the above link for a ranking of premier academic organization around Asiatic countries within the top 100 such organizations.

I quickly scanned the report for seeing the number of organizations within top-100 from Japan, India, China and Republic of Korea. Here is the finding.

1. India: 3% organizations in top-100. India is about 30 % of Asia’s population.

Result: So 1 quality organization for each 10% of Indians normalized to Asia and 1 quality organization for only 33% of Asia’s population.


2. China: 15% organizations in top-100. China is about 32.6% of Asia’s population.

Result: 1 quality organization for  about 2% of Chinese population, normalized to Asia, and 1 quality organization for about each 6-7 % of Asia population.


3. Japan: 22% organizations in top-100. Japan is about 3.1% of Asia’s population.

Result: 7 quality org for each percentage of Japan’s population, normalized to Asia. More than 1 quality org for each 5 % of Asia population.


4. Rep of Korea: 14% organizations in top-100. Korea is 1.2% of Asia population.

Result: Korea provides about 12 quality organizations for each percentage of its people, normalized to Asia. Korea provides 1 quality organizations to about 7% of Asia population.

{quality orgs for its own people, normal to Asia; Korea 12 orgs/%, Japan: 7 orgs/%, China: 2orgs /%, India: 0.1 orgs /%}

{quality orgs  for Asia population; Japan: 1 to 7%, China: 1 to 7%, Korea: 1 to 7 %, India 1 to 33%}

I haven’t scanned other countries such as Israel and UArabE. I am sitting in a cyber cafe to do this analysis and the keyboard was installed in 1556, so basically can’t type efficiently, its like pushing a stone with your elbow hair, like there is any.

So among 4 countries that are majorly established in Asia, India drives away almost all its people as it does not provide any quality education, 1/10th of a percentage of people get any quality education compared to each 12 percent of Korea. Japan and China follow Korea but not as bad.

Then karmic responsibility towards Asia, India caters to 33% with each opf its orgs while Korea, China, Japan are at exact same level, despite of their population being vastly different. So Korea leads, then Japan, then China, then India. In each way of measuring the quality factor.



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