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My twitter faves !

If some of you are on twitter I have made it really easy for you to fave or RT some of my tweets by putting them under “faves” Go check’em you’ certainly love’em and laugh I bet .. RT @mdashf

— 5 RTs a day is fine just in case you want to get some standup comedy kindaa joke.

here is a sample:

1. I am listening to this country music “my grandma was in world war II” what was she doing? Serving Hitler Coffee?

2. and for Nehruvian pundits of Hindi

दी मोर बूढी दी औरत दी मोर उसकी बकबास

The older the lady the more she does chitter chatters

How did ? Mr Bean gotten killed ..

A rat by the name Mr Bean was killed by a natural disaster of gum-sticking. Mr Bean was passing by a refrigerator basement when along with a lizzard he was stuck in the gum. It is not clear yet if the lizzard was a prey or was killed seprately. We are waiting to hear from our gum-disater-event-correspondent. Mr Bean is still alive and moving chaoticly but it is expected that no medical help rescue team will be able to come to help.