If some of you are on twitter I have made it really easy for you to fave or RT some of my tweets by putting them under “faves” Go check’em you’ certainly love’em and laugh I bet .. RT @mdashf

— 5 RTs a day is fine just in case you want to get some standup comedy kindaa joke.

here is a sample:

1. I am listening to this country music “my grandma was in world war II” what was she doing? Serving Hitler Coffee?

2. and for Nehruvian pundits of Hindi

दी मोर बूढी दी औरत दी मोर उसकी बकबास

The older the lady the more she does chitter chatters (that was my mother)

3. is there a virus attack on computers tomorrow? I heard it. from local news.

(see local news is my father)

4. I think I told you this, long ago. I don’t give a rat’s ass. Cos I don’t have them.

5. I would return the favor but first show me the cursor.

6. Its 12 pm but my parents are not yet sleeping. Now I know why I work so late during night. (see I was produced/conceived late)

7. and for brave hearts What kind of man are you if you do not fight injustice. Even your penis would stand for a cause. Its not a Mongolian Proverb.

8. doing science for money is like wearing cloth for sex.

9. again for Nehrus

खुदकशी में किस्मत की पुकार भी भेंस की आवाज़ लगती है

When your situation is bad, fortune’s voice sounds like a buffalo’s

10. a Physicist does not need more than a constant surveillance on what he says and writes .. here is the last joke of 2nite: I don’t feel my ass

11. my friend Kirika Uchida says, C is going to Barcelona, needs to wake in 4 hrs, my advise: use Swedish Metrology GPS or you will be 60ns late

There are tons more there in case you like ( — in case you want to share all you have to do is put a RT and favorite it and pershaps just link to my twitter when you share them: @mdashf)

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