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My nihongo improvements.

My learning of the Japanese Language is two legged, once when I was living in Japan during 2002-2007; I lived there for 3 years. The interest of mine to learn any foreign language for that matter is immense, currently I am interested to learn more scripts, than I can happily be pursuing. The 2nd time this was revisited was a few years ago, about 3-4 years from now, today being, 09-January-2014. In-fact this was more of an interest to research and learn into language.

By late 2010, when I had already availed myself of free time, due to quitting my latest teaching assignments in a 4-year engineering college, all I had is time for taking a stalk of my Physics research and given that one can’t monotonously pursue such without facing the dilemma of dullness, I had taken my task to learn some Sanskrit and some Japanese. For that I didn’t pick any text, as such, but my idea was to see first what I know of other language, since they are claimed to be originated from Sanskrit.

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The meaning of Tathagata

Hence in akira 智 [which as you see heaven+mouth+energy/sun hence higher consciousness] you have a “Budha” and any child of Budha is Budha. We are all Budha. What a brilliant thinking man made 1500 years ago, but it essentially stole from a religion now called Hinduism and they in turn stole it from the Vedic nomads and the Vedic nomads stole it from a minority who achieved “intellectual understanding of nature’s elements” hence Science. Science is often manipulated into religion and then forgotten in due time.

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Tying The World In 1 Thread.

A Language Research based article.

A technical article in envisioning one modern language system for the world. The ideas are based on intense research in language, performed in last 2-3 years, mainly, and related to a bagful of other such articles in this website, the research being an ongoing activity, in various by-lanes of its logical recourse.

For a pleasurable wonderment, in seeing, what awaits such a playful sentence, on Google Translator, I constructed the following sentence, in Japanese alphabet of hiragana+katakana, which is a very succinctly defined rules, for reading native or non-native-inherited Japanese phonetics, into predefined syllable units, (aka alphabet) into Roman, a rule called as, Hepburn. So (1) gives hiragana and katakana and (2) gives Hepburn. I underlined the parts in (1) and (2 ) so that a voice rendering preserves the sanctity of the output into the targeted language of Odia. (lit. Oriya)

(1) “むん ごて 「ダエト コク」 ぴいばく ちゃふんち”

(2) mu’n go te “da e to coku” pi i ba ku cha hun chi

Now, notice the length of above two sentences in hiragana (1) and Roman (2)

Put the sentence in 1, in Google Translate page and hear the voice.

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The 10-incarnations .. 10 numbers from one kanji

Just now thinking about it more I wanted to compare all other digits and found that they are indeed present in this single kanji. In other words all digits were created from this single kanji, 西. In some way or other check that out >> 1一 , 2二, 3三, 4四, 5五, 6六, 7七, 8八, 9九, 10十.

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